Dale Street School tour

Ann and I took an hour and a half tour  of the Dale Street School with Bob Maguire and Tim Bonfatti this morning to see the issues that need attention first hand.  Excellent bones to the building, but serious problems with the mechanical systems and space needs for the ancillary programs that we are required to run.  The town is fortunate to have in the two individuals with the interest and expertise to undertake the needed conversation with the state and the town about what is needed and how we can best make it happen.

My favorite piece of information was that the heat is controlled by the head custodian just knowing by experience when to physically turn the boilers on and off – i.e.  there is no automatic control of the temperature via thermostats, as we are used to elsewhere.

Ultimately the Dale Street School will be one part of what is being conceived of as a Town of Medfield municipal campus along Dale Street that will also address the public safety and Medfield Park & Recreation Commission needs.  The Building Committee is meeting next at 7PM on 1/5/12 to proceed with the master plan for that campus idea.

In reviewing the 40 odd pages of materials Bob Maguire prepared about the Dale Street School for the state’s School Building Assistance people, I learned that the school’s address is actually 45 Adams Street, so shouldn’t we call it the Adams Street School?

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