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February 15, 2023

Hello Medfield Friends, 

Medfield Environment Action (MEA) is organizing Medfield’s first ever ‘Climate Week’ from Saturday, April 29 through Sunday, May 7. Many neighboring towns have held similar ‘Climate Weeks’ with great results, and community stakeholders are coming together to plan this in our town! There are several other events happening alongside Medfield Climate Week, including Bellforge’s Fairy Walk, Daffodil Days, and Medfield Town Meeting.

‘Medfield Climate Week’ will consist of multiple independent events throughout the week, all showcasing climate awareness with local actions and initiatives.  Any community groups, business owners, individual residents, town departments, churches, clubs, schools, or classrooms may become ‘Event Captains’ hosting their own public event. MEA will support you by coordinating and publishing the week’s schedule and will help to advertise your events to a local audience, in Medfield and surrounding towns. Plans are already in the works for a clothing swap, electric car show and several solar panel open houses. 

MEA is actively seeking ‘Event Captains’ to lead the following:  bike to school day and heat pump info sharing. Possible ‘Event’ ideas for you/your group could be: eco lawn equipment demonstration, composting demonstration, native and/or low water use garden tour, meatless meal specials at restaurants, climate book readings, climate themed art (painting, recycled materials sculptures, cartoons) nature walks/scavenger hunts, outdoor clean-up events, show off your chickens, compost pile or beehives or anything else you might like to offer. 

Thanks for considering. The goal is to have fun, spread awareness, educate, and network with neighbors. Let us know if you want to become an event captain, or if you would like to help other event captains who are hosting. As an ‘Event Captain’ you choose the event to be offered, and set the times and dates for your event, when it is convenient for you. Times can be an hour or two on several afternoons, a one-time half day event on a weekend, or a morning get together over coffee. Whatever works for you. Climate awareness and action is the one required unifying theme. Be creative!

Please fill out this form by March 12th with your proposed event idea and contact information. No need to have all final details available. We would love to get your ideas as soon as possible and we can work with you to build it out. We look forward to hearing from you and reach out to us at if you have any questions.


Medfield’s Climate Week Team

Kirsten D’Abate                                 Helen Dewey

Jeanette Ruyle                                  Julia Gecha

Melissa Cantarow

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