Watering lawns still banned

Maurice Goulet, Director of the DPW addressed the status of the drought and the watering ban issues at the Select Board meeting last night.

My key take always were:

  1. despite recent rains and an easing of the drought tiers, the town still has an outdoor watering ban in effect, so that only hand held outdoor watering is currently permitted.
  2. Moe said that the town will re-examine that status in the near term (week to two weeks), to see if lawn irrigation can be permitted so as to allow residents to plant and establish new grass this fall before it becomes too late to do so.

For those like me searching for a lawn solution beyond my current tall fescue, I recently came across this interesting drought tolerant and very expensive grass, sold at Whole Foods Market.

I just bought a lot of white clover seed, to reinstall the clover in my lawn, which my recent reading tells me I killed off by fertilizing the grass. But clover needs watering too.

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