Gov signs budget – town looks to get $267K more this year from state

See the town Cherry Sheet for FY2023 here –

FY2022 we got $8,116,943 from the state

FY2023 we will get $8,384,126, or $267,183 more (a 3.2% increase).

This alert below came this afternoon from the Massachusetts Municipal Association –

Governor Signs FY23 Budget  

Supports Key Municipal Aid and School Funding   

And Offers Amendment to Important Retiree COLA Language   

Please Thank Your Legislators and Ask Them to Accept  the Governor’s Amended COLA Language  
July 28, 2022  

Dear Osler L. Peterson,  

This morning, Governor Baker signed a $52.7 billion budget, including each of the increases in municipal and school aid accounts for which the MMA has prioritized throughout the process.   

The Governor also signed 153 of 194 of the outside sections of the budget and has returned a key section with an amendment for the Legislature’s consideration.   

As enacted by the Legislature, Outside Section 134 would allow retirement boards that have accepted Section 103 of Chapter 32 to award a cost-of-living-adjustment of up to 5% to retirees, rather than the current limit of up to 3%.   

In response to concerns voiced by the MMA, specifically related to the lack of decision-making authority on a potentially large expense for municipal budgets, the Governor returned this section with amended language (for the full language, see Attachment S, Returned with Amendments, Section 134). The amended language provides that if a local or regional retirement board chooses to adopt this provision, municipalities would have the authority to accept or reject its decision. There is further clarifying language regarding situations that involve a county retirement board with more than one participating municipality. For those regional systems, 2/3rds of the participating municipalities would need to approve the higher COLA. In addition, the Governor’s amended language would provide important clarification that the potential 3-5% increase would apply only on the approved base, not the entire pension. This would eliminate some lack of clarity in the current language. The Governor’s amendments would provide critical municipal oversight for this costly provision.    

The provision now returns to the Legislature, which can accept the Governor’s proposed amendment, insist on its original language, or propose different language. If the Legislature insists on its own language, or proposes different language, the provision would return to the Governor, who would have 10 days to sign or veto the provision. With formal legislative sessions ending on July 31, a veto after that date would kill the provision, an outcome that is unlikely, since the Governor is likely to support a 5% COLA for state retirees.

Please contact your legislators and ask them to accept the Governor’s amendments to Section 134 (via Attachment S).  

Please also be sure to thank your legislators again for the important and significant increases in key accounts for municipal and school funding, all of which were included in the budget signed by the Governor:  

$63 million (5.4%) increase in Unrestricted General Government Aid, for a total of $1.23B, which is $31.5 million more than originally proposed Nearly $6B for Chapter 70 School Aid, Including doubling the increase for minimum aid districts from $30 per pupil to $60 per pupil

$440M for Special Education Circuit Breaker, an increase of $67M from FY22

$5.5M for Rural School Aid

$45M for PILOT for state-owned land, a 29% increase from FY22

$20M transfer from FY22 surplus for the Community Preservation Trust Fund

If you have any questions, please contact MMA Legislative Director Dave Koffman at or MMA Senior Legislative Analyst Jackie Lavender Bird at  

Please Call Your Legislators Today to  Thank Them for their Support of Key Local Accounts and Ask Them  to Accept the Governor’s Proposed Language Regarding the Retiree COLA Provision   

Thank You!!
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