ATM warrant articles to date

The following are the warrant articles that have been submitted for the annual town meeting (ATM):

DRAFT 02/27/2021
Article Issue Submitted By:
1 Accept Annual Reports Board of Selectmen
2 Perpetual Care Cemetery Commissioners
3 Revolving Funds Board of Selectmen
4 PEG Access and Cable Related Funds Board of Selectmen
5 Elected Official Compensation Board of Selectmen
6 Personnel Administration Plan Board of Selectmen
7 Appropriate funds for FY21 School Budget Covid-19
8 Operating Budget Board of Selectmen
9 Municipal Building Capital Stabilization Fund Capital Budget Committee
10 Transfer MSBA Dale Street Reimbursement to
Building Capital Stabilization Fund Board of Selectmen
11 Creation and Appropriation of Capital Stabilization
Fund Capital Budget Committee
12 Capital Budget Capital Budget Committee
13 Authorize Vehicle Lease Purchase Capital Budget Committee
14 Water Treatment Plant Bond Authorization Water and Sewer
15 Water/Sewer Enterprise Fund Operating Budgets Water and Sewer/DPW
16 Medfield State Hospital Maintenance Appropriation Board of Selectmen
17 Transfer of DOT Ride Sharing Funds Board of Selectmen
18 Economic Vitality Fund Board of Selectmen
19 Sewer Betterments Paid in Advance Town Administrator
20 Authorize name change for Board of Selectmen Board of Selectmen
Personnel Plan Amendments (5) Personnel Board/BOS
21 Disposition of Lot 1, Icehouse Road Board of Selectmen
22 Landfill Lease for Solar Board of Selectmen
23 Town Garage Lease for Solar Board of Selectmen
24 Approval of Solar PILOT Agreements
Approval of Town Garage Solar PILOT Board of Selectmen
25 Authorize the BOS to enter into Solar PPA Board of Selectmen
Approval of Kingsbury Club PILOT Board of Selectmen
26 Hinkley South Property Affordable Housing Trust
27 Hinkley North Property Affordable Housing Trust
28 Community Choice Electricity Aggregation Medfield Energy Committee
29 Climate Goals/Resolution Medfield Energy Committee
30 Rezone Parcel on Janes Avenue BI to B Planning Board
31 Table of Use Regulations: Adult only tobacco store Planning Board
32 Food Trucks/Mobile Food Vendors Planning Board
33 Table of Use Regulations Height and Bulk Planning Board
DRAFT 02/27/2021
34 Table of Use Regulations Height and Bulk (sheds) Planning Board
35 Solar Photovoltaic Facilities Overlay District Planning Board
36 Authorize $20,000 for Zoning Diagnostic Planning Board
37 Creation of new Peak House Historic District Historic District
38 Recommendation for Dale Street School Site Selection
Amendment with MSBA Citizens Petition (Ganem)
39 Bylaw Committee for School Building Committee Citizen Petition (Potts)
Authorize lease of town property to Medfield Food
40 Update Stormwater Regulations Bylaw Board of Selectmen
41 Appropriate funds for Affordable Housing Trust Affordable Housing Trust
42 Adopt Scenic Road Designation for Elm, Plain, Farm,
Nebo Streets and Millbrook Road
Planning Board, ConCom,
Historical Commission
Appropriation for Interim Design funds for
Elementary School Project
BOS/Dale Street School
Building Committee
43 Retroactive Collective Bargaining Agreement Police Board of Selectmen
44 Retroactive Collective Bargaining Agreement Fire Board of Selectmen
45 Appropriation for a Prior Year Bill Board of Selectmen
Free Cash Board of Assessors

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