Dale Street School Project corrections

Today I received two emailed corrections, which I have inserted below, about the material that I posted on the status of the Dale Street School project. Thanks to both Mike Quinlan and Chris McCue for making the information posted here more accurate for residents.


Hi Pete,

Just a quick note – our School Committee never had a public discussion about the Dale Street site options, despite what Leo Brehm stated at the Select Board meeting. I’ve attended all the meetings, and anyone can take a look at meeting tapes to see that was the case. Leo had no business answering “yes” to the question “Is School Committee in agreement on the site?” because they never talked about it. This was a big misstep in the process.

Medfield School Committee should have devoted time on its own meeting agenda to discuss the pros/cons of each site from an educational standpoint, and to take public input on just that aspect of the project alone, but never did. Of course, one can assume that SC members will all be in agreement on Wheelock since that is what the superintendent wants, but it’s not a valid reason to short-change the community engagement process on one of the most important site selection criteria.





It has come to my attention that you posted about this on your blog. I just want to be clear, as I noted below, the MSBA has not formally responded to our schedule extension request. They have informally indicated support but have not formally responded and there are some senior people who will need to chime in. 

Your post indicates more certainty than we have right now.  Would you please clarify your blog as I know people do read it. 



[this from the 9/24/20 email from Mike]

We don’t have official word but early indications based off informal conversation seem to be that the MSBA will support the schedule extension.

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