$10.34 m. water treatment facility

A water treatment facility at a cost of $10.34 m. is needed to remove the iron and manganese from water the town gets from wells # 3 & 4 behind the Wheelock School.  This is the complete 147 engineering report.

20200617-Medfield Wells 3 4 WTP Preliminary Design Report – Final – May2020

This is the 6,000 sq. ft. building one gets –

filtration project bld.png

This was the email received yesterday transmitting the report.


Dear Selectmen,


In case you did not know, we received the preliminary design report for the water filtration project.  As a refresher, this is to remove naturally occurring high levels of manganese in our well water, and to re-develop Wells 3 and 4.  It is a 147 page document, attached for your perusal in case it has not been forwarded to you yet.


We decided to get it on everyone’s radar, and we posted it to the Town website.


This is tracking to a $10.34 MM project, that will be presented at the ATM in 2021.

filtration project


All the best,


Bill Harvey



Medfield Board of Water and Sewerage

3 responses to “$10.34 m. water treatment facility

  1. abby marble

    hi Pete, thanks for the info. I’m curious, will the new building be sited on the Wheelock property? Back by the sand dunes?


  2. Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

    The actual site is in the materials. It is right near where the access road to the two wells makes a T and takes a left turn. I am not sure where the “dunes” are.

    I left one in your box this afternoon.