TWMPC’s Public Forum #2 – 5PM this Sunday

Please review the background materials via the link below –

Zoom Instruction Guide Added

Townwide Master Plan – Prep for the Second TWMP Forum on 6/7

 Medfield_logo_color_Final wTag_300CMYKVirtual Forum #2: Sunday, June 7 at 5 pm Zoom link and documents available for review now… Read on


Forum #2 Zoom Instructions Guide

The Townwide Master Planning Committee and consultant team are performing an enumeration of existing resources which will result in an Inventory and Assessment of Existing Conditions of the Town’s resources.

The purpose of the Forum is to gain Medfield citizen input on the 8 goals and objectives.  Each goal has up to 3 objectives with ideas on strategies on how to achieve them.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments by using THIS form.

  • Format: There will be a presentation and interactive polling with a follow-up survey for feedback on the draft goals, objectives, as well as the impact of covid-19 on short and long term planning.
  • Zoom link or RSVP forthcoming.
  • Medfield TV to stream on local TV.
  • Let us know if you have any questions or comments by using THIS form.
  • Look for the meeting flier in the 6/4 edition of the Hometown Weekly

Prepare for Forum #2 by reviewing the Summary Sheets. Download 1-9 as one PDF HERE or individually by Element below: 

  1. Housing Summary
  2. Economic Development Summary
  3. Historic & Cultural Resources Summary
  4. Natural, Open Space, and Recreational Resources Summary
  5. Transportation Summary
  6. Public Facilities and Services Summary
  7. Medfield State Hospital Summary
  8. Land Use & Zoning Summary
  9. Sustainability Summary 

Townwide Master Planning Committee (TWMPC)

  • Jay Duncan, Chair
  • Teresa James
  • Jessica Reilly
  • Mary McCarthy
  • Tom Erb
  • Roberta Lynch
  • Kevin Ryder
  • William Harvey
  • Michael Pastore
  • Jerry Potts
  • Philip Stashenko
  • Laurel Scotti
  • Sean Kay
  • Cynthia Greene
  • Matt Triest
  • Osler L. Peterson
  • Sarah Raposa, Town Planner
  • Kristine Trierweiler, Town Administrator

Let us know if you have any questions or comments by using THIS form.

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