DPW & the Rolling Rally

DPW sign

Kudos to the DPW

Last Sunday morning I biked the Rolling Rally route to see what the families would later see, and I bumped into Bobby Kennedy. Jr. leading two other DPW workers as they mowed and weed whacked the grass and weeds along the Rolling Rally route, all to make the event better for the MHS class of 2020 and their families.

It is the sort of thoughtful thing our DPW often does without fanfare, or request, around town, but about which the town should know – so we can truly and fully appreciate the value of our DPW.

Only when I ran Medfield Day did I learn that it was our DPW that swoops in en mass at the end of Medfield Day to clean up the mess that we residents left behind, such that by nightfall there is no sign of a street fair having happened.

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