Medfield gets $1,137,716 from Cares Act

cares act


Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler, was notified by Michael J. Heffernan, Secretary of Administration and Finance, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this week that Medfield is slated to get $1,137,716 as its share of the $2.7 billion the Federal government is paying to Massachusetts under the Care Act.  Below are that letter and memorandum.




2 responses to “Medfield gets $1,137,716 from Cares Act

  1. The question is, how much of the hole in the town’s sales tax receipts $1.1 million fills? Any back-of-the-envelope calculations will be appreciated.


  2. Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

    First, the Town of Medfield gets nothing directly from the sales tax, as all sales taxes paid go to the state. The town does get money from our share of the meals tax, but from memory that is a relatively low amount on the order of slightly over $100K per year.

    The big question is how much our state aid will be effected, because the state will have so much less revenue to share. Last year we got on an order of about $7m. from the state between the Chap. 70 monies for schools, the general state aid, the Chap. 90 monies for roads, and the rest. Representative Denise Garlick told the Select Board within the past few weeks that she could not tell us what sort of magnitude of cuts to use in our planning, so at this point we need to just plan around uncertainty. Probably best to stay flexible, keep revisiting the budgets, and adjusting as needed as information is learned.