Budget calendar

At the select board meeting on 6/4/19, Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler distributed her draft calendar for the budget cycle for this coming year.  This was music to my ears, as the sort of structure I have hoped to see for quite some time.  I have inserted the calendar below and here via a link if you instead want a PDF –  20190604-Kristine Trierweiler-budget calendar

This is the sort of institutionalizing of a structure for the town government that we have been needing, so that all residents can understand how and when we make the sausages, and I am looking forward to more such protocols being implemented.

FY2021 B~dget Planning Calendar DRAFT • Month Due By Responsible Event TA Town Administ rator June 6/1/ 2019 ACC Preliminary Audit Begins BOS Board of Selectmen 6/4/2019 BOS Regular BOS Meeting we Warrant Committee 6/12/2019 DH Mont ly Department Head Meeting TC Treasurer/Collector 6/15/2019 ASR Annual Preliminary Commitment ASR Assessors 6/17/2019 we Final Meeting to vote RFT/Appropriation Transfers ACC Accounting 6/18/2019 BOS Regular BOS Meeting CBC Capital Budget Committee 6/30/2019 DH Submit Capital Budget Requests sc School Committee 6/30/2019 T/C Prelinary Tax Bills Q1 for RE/Personal Property Mailed DH Department Heads 6/30/2019 ACC Close of the FY19 Budget Year 6/30/2019 ACC Close Overlay Surplus t o Free Cash July 7/1/2019 All Sta rt of FY2020 7/9/2019 BOS Regular BOS Meeting 7/10/2019 DH Monthly Department Head Meeting 7/23/2019 BOS Regular BOS Meeting 7/23/2019 BOS Town Administrat or Evaluation 7/31/2019 BOS Identify Goals for FY21 Budget 7/31/2019 BOS Annual Committee Appointments BiWeekly CBC Capit al Budget Review August 8/1/2019 TC Quarter #1 RE Tax Bills Due 8/13/2019 BOS Regular BOS Meeting 8/27/ 2019 BOS Regular BOS Meeting 8/30/2019 CBC Capit al Budget Recommendations and Development of 5 Year Plan 8/ 27/2019 TA End of FY2020 Budget Review20190604-Kristine Trierweiler-budget calendar_Page_220190604-Kristine Trierweiler-budget calendar_Page_3

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