The Works, vol. 1 Issue 2

Received today from Maurice Goulet, DPW Director –

The first snowfall of the season came as sort of a surprise. The storm was forecasted to drop only 1-2 inches across our area. On November 15, 2018, we experienced more than 7 inches of snowfall. Even though there were inconsistencies in the forecast, the Department of Public Works’ staff was prepared and deployed the proper equipment to clear the streets and sidewalks in a timely manner. It was a good test for our first snow operation of the season. M E D F I E L D D E P A R T M E N T O F P U B L I C W O R K S ** The DPW presents “THE WORKS”, a quarterly newsletter to inform the residents of Medfield on the happenings of their Public Works Department including updates on projects, current events, and upcoming developments ** WATER MAINTENANCE PROJECTS: The Mount Nebo Water Storage tank was inspected the week of October 22, 2018. As part of the inspection, the inside of the tank was cleaned and disinfected. The mixing valve at the bottom was replaced to ensure that the water circulates properly and does not become stagnant. The next step is to review the inspection report and create specifications and bid documents to have the tank repaired, sandblasted and painted. Snow and Ice 1 Water Maint. Projects 1 Misc. DPW Events 2 Employee Spotlight 2 DPW Fun Facts 2 Inside this issue: The Works M E D F I E L D D P W ’ S Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R Volume 1, Issue 2 January 2019 First Snowfall of the Year SNOW AND ICE OPERATIONS: Early November Snowfall 2018 Hydrant flushing of over 70 miles of water mains, utilizing approximately 300 hydrants was completed in October 2018. The process was done overnight for a two week time period. Hydrant flushing takes place twice a year. It is conducted as a preventative maintenance operation. Mount Nebo Water Storage Tank Cleaning and Inspection Bottom of the tank during cleaning Mount Nebo Water Storage Tank Exterior wall showing rust and defects View looking up to the top of tank Hydrant Flushing VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 On Monday December 17, 2018, a scene from a new movie entitled, “Morning Bell” was filmed on Route 27 from the Medfield Transfer Station out to the Sherborn Town Line. Stars such as Daniel Craig (007), Jamie Lee Curtis, and Chris Evans (Captain America) are just some of the actors that star in this film. The Medfield Transfer Station and the Medfield State Hospital were utilized for staging areas for the one day filming. The Department of Public Works staff coordinated the detours and road closures with the location manager, and hosted their movie company crews at the Transfer Station. Meet Geoff Brooks, Water Operator of the Medfield DPW Water Division. Although Geoff has only been with the Department since 2015, he brings with him a vast amount of professional knowledge in water operations, construction and excavation from working in other communities such as Norfolk and Millis. He is a talented equipment operator handling water main breaks, meter replacements and troubleshooting multiple problems he comes across in his daily duties. In his off-hours, Geoff’s interests include remodeling and home improvements which adds value to his already impressive resumé. Page 2 Employee Spotlight Transfer Station—Movie Scene Wind and Rain Storms Throughout the Fall and Early Winter DPW Fun Facts DID YOU KNOW?  The Town of Medfield owns and operates approximately 62 miles of gravity sewer lines, 5 miles of force mains, over 1,500 sewer manholes and 9 pump/lift stations.  In 2018 the Medfield Transfer Station collected and recycled 971 tons of single stream recycling, almost 12 tons of organic waste, over 620 mattresses, a ton of batteries, 197 tons of clothing and 1,674 tons of brush and leaves. For more information or have questions, please contact our main office at (508) 906-3003 or visit our town website @ MISC. DPW EVENTS: During the months of October through December, the Town of Medfield experienced multiple storms that had extreme amounts of precipitation and wind. These storms caused the local rivers and wetlands to rise, as flooding took place in some areas of town. Some of these wind gusts did take several trees down and certain areas suffered debris and leaves in yards and in the roadways in which the DPW needed to address.20190124-the works january 2019_page_2

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