EQV set for state $

The state’s Division of Local Services (DLS) in the DOR emailed today about their having set the Estimated Full Value for the Equalized Valuations (EQVs) for all 351 cities and town.  Medfield is worth $2.8b.  That amount is used to say how much state money we get (a copy of the DLS email appears below).


Proposed 2018 Equalized Valuations

Today, the Bureau of Local Assessment (BLA) posted the 2018 Equalized Valuations (EQVs) representing the full and fair cash value of all taxable property for each municipality as of January 1, 2018 to the Division of Local Services Gateway website at https://dlsgateway.dor.state.ma.us/gateway/Login. Access can be made directly from the landing page by clicking on the LA19 Equalized Valuation Report.

These EQVs will be used as a basis of comparison among the 351 municipalities within the Commonwealth for certain state and local purposes. Specifically, EQV is used in the allocation of aid to public libraries, in the calculation of Chapter 70 funding, and in the reimbursement rate of school construction projects. Certain Cherry Sheet charges also use EQV: County Tax, Boston Metropolitan Transit District, Mosquito Control Projects and Air Pollution Control Districts. In addition, EQV is used in calculating a community’s debt limit (M.G.L. c.44, § 10).

Informal hearings will be conducted for the convenience of communities who wish to question their proposed EQV. These hearings will be held from June 4th through June 8th. BLA representatives will meet personally with boards of assessors in Boston or conduct telephone conference calls to address concerns and discuss documentation submitted by assessors that support different values.

In addition, a Formal Public Hearing on the proposed 2018 Equalized Valuations will be held in Boston, Massachusetts at the Saltonstall Building, 100 Cambridge Street, 6th floor conference room on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

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