Town meeting continues tonight at 7:30 pm


About 800 people attended the first night of the annual town meeting (ATM) last night. These were the controversial items decided last night:

  • schools were funded at 6.61%, versus the 4% recommended by the Warrant Committee and the Board of Selectmen
  • lease from the MBTA of land for the Bay Colony Rail Trail was supported
  • $75,000 of consultant money for the Medfield State Hospital development was defeated
  • Senior Housing Committee’s article suggesting that the Board of Selectmen consider senior housing for lot 3 on Ice House Road defeated

The ATM continues this evening at 7:30pm, with still to get decided:

  • ALS ($250K/year)
  • Medfield Park & Recreation Commission money ($150K) to survey for a site for a new building
  • Council on Aging money ($150K) to plan an addition
  • $25K for matching state grant for cultural uses at the former Medfield State Hospital site
  • establishing a municipal building stabilization fund and funding it with $1m. which will be used to do the Dale Street feasibility study for the MSBA

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