BoS appointments

The Board of Selectmen is scheduled to make its annual appointments to town committees at our October 3 meeting.  I am posting below the list of committees and appointments, and if people have an interest in serving on a particular town committee, they should let Evelyn Clarke know before 9/29.

20170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_0220170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_0320170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_0420170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_0520170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_0620170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_0720170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_0820170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_0920170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_1020170919 Elected and Appointed Officials_Page_11


One response to “BoS appointments

  1. Pete: Re Senior Housing Committee Tyler Brawner resigned. Chris Rumul is a regular Member, Roberta Lynch is a non voting member Ex Officio.


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