Primary election tomorrow

2017 Medfield Day MCAP

I spent Medfield Day helping the Medfield Foundation with its booth and also spent a shift with Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP) – in the photo above I am sharing time with MCAP board member and school nurse Kathy Thompson.  Note the new “02052” hat I am wearing – you can get it at Jack Conway Realtors, and the $10 goes to MCAP.

My observations on the reactions I received from people, in general, as I handed them flyers, either from the Medfield Foundation or MCAP, with an elevator speech line of explanation (“MFi raises money for good things for your town, $2m so far” or “MCAP is working to keep your kids safe from drugs and alcohol”) was that most people were genuinely pleased to get that information, based on many heart felt sounding thanks received.


None of that has anything to do with the primary election tomorrow for the empty state senate seat, except that it was the reason I was at Medfield Day, which resulted in the conversations that caused me to learn that:

  • Ted Philips told Medfield’s Fred Davis who told me that he, Ted Philips, is “left of center,” and that Paul Feeney “is left of him.”
  • Democratic Town Committee members Eileen DeSorgher and Sue Bernstein related that they support Ted Philips because he is more experienced.
  • Representative Denise Garlick reported that when she was a new state representative that Ted Philips, then a state house staffer, was hugely helpful to her.

I got to say hello to both Ted Philips and Mike Berry.


The ballots for tomorrow appear below –

-- - 1: -- 1: -- 1--··--- I ~be ~ommonwealtb of jfflassacbusetts SPECIAL STATE PRIMARY Penaltv for willfully defacing tearing down removing or destroying a List of Candidates or Specimen Ballot - fine notexceedinoOneHundredOollars. SEcAETARVOFTJIE COMMONWEALTH OF MAs!ACHUSETTS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OFFICIAL SPECIMEN BALLOT Tuesday, September 19, 2017 MEDFIELD To vote for a candidate, connect the arrow .......... to the right of the candidate's name. To vote for a person not on the ballot, write that person's name and residence in the blank space provided and conect the arrow. 1---======= -====================== ........ ==================== I SENATOR IN GENERAL COURT BRISTOL & NORFOLK DISTRICT Vole for ONE rc~~1~EENEY 1s2NorthSt..Foxborougll++++++ .. '='eD"'w"'A""R"'D'=R-c.p =H=1L~1p=sc-,-G.,-.d.- S 1.. -S-har-on.-.- ,-.. ~ FinanceCOIMlitleeMerrbe< ~ DONOTVOTEINTHISSPACE. USE BlANK LINE BELOW FOR WRITE·IN. ...... =======:i::WR:i::rrE=·IN=SP:i:i20170919-ballots_Page_2

4 responses to “Primary election tomorrow

  1. Here’s another photo of you from Medfield Day!Colleen


  2. Lauren Harrington

    Any info on Republican candidates? The Democrats gave a big salary raise for themselves and no tax free weekend. I’m sure the dems will win but you must think we all vote for Democrats.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Thanks for your input. In general I think Medfield tends Republican – I just did not have any discussions about the Republican candidates or our Medfield resident Joe Shortsleeve who is running as an independent. However, I do think Mike Berry, who I met, is a Republican. I admit to being generally really ill-informed about this election, and I learned a very few things Saturday that I thought I would share.


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