ATM warrant articles

Mike Sullivan circulated this list of the annual town meeting (ATM) warrant articles this week.

town meeting


Article 1.   Town Election

Article 2.   Accept Town Reports

Article 3.   Accept Perpetual Care Funds

Article 4.   Adopt bylaw for Revolving Funds (New Procedure under Municipal Modernization Act)

Article 5.   Authorize Expenditures for Revolving Funds under Chapter 44, Section 53E ½

Article 6.   Adopt Sewer Betterment Deferral & Recovery Agreements for Seniors

Article 7.   Increase maximum payment for senior tax work-off program from $500 to $1,000

Article 8.   Authorize use of Bond Premiums to pay for project costs & reduce bond authorization.

Article 9.   Appropriate funds for Police Department prior year (fy16) unpaid bills

Article 10.   Additional appropriation for fy17 Reserve Fund

Article 11.  Fix salaries of Elected Officials

Article 12.  Amend Personnel Administration Plan & Classification of Positions & Pay Schedule

Article 13.  Operating Budget

Article 14.  Capital Budget

Article 15.  Hire Firefighter/EMT with ALS certification or contract out services.

Article 16.  Establish Medfield Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund and add bylaw for same

Article 17.  Appropriate $1 million & bond this amount to fund Affordable Housing Trust.

Article 18.  Appropriation for maintenance and security at state hospital site

Article 19.  Appropriate funds to hire consultants & engineers for state hospital site re-use plan

Article 20.  Hear report of Senior Housing Study Committee & appropriate funds for wetlands                                          delineation of land, which might be suitable for such.

Article 21  Appropriate funds for downtown improvements

Article 22. Appropriate funds for Phase II Downtown Parking Study

Article 23.  Appropriate $10,000 for repairs & improvements to Dwight-Derby House.

Article 24.  Appropriation for design of rail trail from Ice House Road to Dover town line

Article 25.  Appropriate funds to purchase and install street lights

Article 26.  Appropriate funds for beaver trapping and beaver dam removal

Article 27.  Name Mill Brook bridge at Elm St. “Colonel Douglas C. MacKeachie Bridge”

Article 28.  Transfer funds from sewer-betterments-paid-in-advance to Sewer Stabilization Fund

Article 29. Appropriate $50,000 from Ambulance Revolving Fund to reimburse Stabilization Fund

Article 30. Appropriate $400,000. to the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust.

Article 31.  Accept portion of Vinald Road as public right of way

Article 32.  Accept portions of Quarry Road and Erik Road as public ways.

Article 33. Adopt a new Water Conservation Bylaw

Article 34.  Adopt a new Bylaw to authorize Water Department representatives to enter private                                                         property to inspect, repair and/or replace water meters and establish fines for denial of entry

Article 35.  Appropriate funds from Water Enterprise Fund for continuing study and design of                                            Iron/Manganese treatment facility

Article 36. Authorize Selectmen to lease space on new water tower for wireless facility

Article 37. Amend new Stormwater Management Bylaw to bring Town into compliance with 2003                                  EPA permit

Article 38. Adopt new Water Pollution Abatement Bylaw (illicit connections and discharges) to                                         bring Town into compliance with 2003 EPA permit

Article 39.  Amend Zoning Bylaw to designate Planning Board as Special Permit Granting Authority

Article 40. Amend Zoning Bylaw to tie construction of new two-family dwelling or conversion of                                      existing single family dwelling to a new two-family dwelling to lot coverage requirements

and/or special permit.

Article 41.  Amend the Zoning Bylaw to reduce maximum lot coverage allowances for new                                                 two-family dwellings and historic single family dwelling conversions to two-family dwellings.

Article 42. Amend Zoning Bylaw to define procedures for obtaining a special permit from the                                            Planning Board.

Article 43. Amend Zoning Bylaw, Definitions to change definition of DWELLING, MULTIFAMILY.

Article 44. Amend Zoning Bylaw Table of Use regulations to require a special permit for multi-family                              dwellings.

Article 45. Amend Zoning Bylaw to increase dimensional requirements for multi-family                                                       developments.

Article 46. Amend Zoning Bylaw to provide for Inclusionary Zoning for multi-family dwellings.

Article 47. Amend Zoning Bylaw, Table of Height and Bulk Regulations to reduce maximum lot coverage

for single-family homes from 35% to 30%.

Article 48.  Adopt a new general bylaw to prohibit recreational (non-medicinal) marijuana

Article 49.  Amend Zoning Bylaws to prohibit recreational (non-medicinal) marijuana in all zoning districts

Article 50.  Authorize Board of Assessors to use free cash to reduce tax rate.










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