BoS minutes for 1/17/17

Meeting Minutes January 17, 2017 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke; absent Town Administrator Sullivan Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced the meeting is being recorded. Mr. Fisher asked for a moment of appreciation for our troops serving in the Middle East and around the world. SENIOR HOUSING STUDY COMMIITEE, TONY CENTORE CHAIR Members attending Ann Thompson, Jerry Kazanjian, Stephen Dragotakes, Roberta Lynch Mr. Centore presented a status report on th,e committee's work. He remarked that the committee's mission statement defines Medfield Seniors; their demographics, income, current home equity, housing preferences and their available options. Part of the committee's work was to put together a senior survey to help gather information about our aging population and what was discovered is 70% of seniors want to stay in Medfield with a preferred home price of $300,000 to 450,000. There were 126 responses. The committee feels that Lot 7 (Hinkley property abutting the Senior Center) is the most desired property. They intend to place on article on the warrant to use this property. Selectman Fisher said that his concern with Hinkley land is that the state hospital committee is also looking to include the lots with their plan. He suggests that the senior committee have a conversation with MSH. Selectman Marcucci queried whether this plan would move forward as a LIP that would help the Town to meet our affordable housing goals. It was agreed that the conversation continues regarding what the Town may be able to do to keep seniors in Town. COMMIITEE APPOINTMENT The Selectmen are requested to vote to appoint Paul and Patty Foscaldo to the Senior Housing Committee as recommended by the Committee and it was so voted. TOWN WIDE MASTER PLAN STEERING COMMIITEE Chairman Mike Quinlan said that the majority of the committee is in favor of developing a master plan. We learned from other towns that preparing a plan could take one to three years to complete with the assistance from a consultant. He went on to say that the committee has three options for the Selectmen to consider at this time: Option 1 . hire a professional consultant through the RFP process that will define the scope of work; most expensive option at a cost of about $150,000 Option 2. Consultant to prepare the master plan in phases over several years and include the committee and town employees in the planning efforts at an estimated cost of $100,000 Option 3. Town to complete the plan with minimal assistance from a professional; January 17, 2017 Page two estimated time three to five years; minimal cost $30,000. Should the Town determine this is the course of action to take, it should be noted that the biggest risk could be the plan is outdated by the time it is completed. The committee also would like to know if the Selectmen feel this is a priority for the 2017 town meeting warrant or hold for 2018. Mr. Quinlan remarked that the committee does support option one, and feel it is better to wait another year. Selectman Marcucci said that it is important for the Town to have a master plan; right now we are waiting for the state hospital planning committee to complete their plan, plus we are faced with costly issues that may require an override. His feeling is that the town wide master plan be deferred for another year to do it right and have the committee continue to work on it. The Selectmen and Mr. Quinlan agreed. BAY CIRCUIT ALLIANCE Town Counsel Cerel explained that the "Trail" extends from the north shore to the south shore and a portion passes through Medfield. He said that conversations have taken place with Town Administrator, myself and the Alliance's representative by Mr. Denny Nackoney about the Alliance's desire to have a formal agreement with the Town for continued use of Town land for the trail. Mr. Cerel continued saying that the Trail passes over land not only that the Board controls but several other boards and departments, i.e. School Department, Park and Recreation, Council on Aging, Water and Sewerage and Conservation land. The license agreement is both conditional and revocable. He requests the Board's support for this agreement. VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Peterson, seconded by Selectman Marcucci it was voted unanimously to support in principle the license agreement as presented by Town Counsel Cerel subject to his discussions with all Town departments involved AFFORDABLE HOUSING SPECIALIST Ms. Trierweiler remarked that she had several companies showing interest in the RFP, however, the Town received only one formal response from Community Opportunities Group. As it turns out this company developed the Town's Housing Production Plan so they are very familiar with Medfield. Having COG on board will be of great assistance as we encounter the variety of phases to meet our numbers for affordable housing units. VOTED unanimously to award the contract for Affordable Housing Specialist to Community Opportunities Group, Boston January 17, 2017 Page three SEWER SLUDGE CONTRACT DPW Director Maurice Goulet requests the Selectmen vote to sign a contract with Waste Water Services, Inc. for sewage sludge transportation and disposal at a cost of disposal at $316.20 per dry ton and transportation at $321.30 per load and it was so voted to execute the contract DEED RIDER FOR SALE OF PROPERTY VOTED unanimously to authorize Chairman Fisher excecute the Eligible Purchaser Certificate pertaining to the sale of 2 Joseph Pace Road, in the Allendale development LICENSES AND PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant permission for signs to be posted February 17 to March 11 promoting the annual Winter Carnival to be held at the Memorial School on March 11, 2017 PENDING Evaluation of Town Administrator postponed to next meeting as Mr. Sullivan is on vacation COUNTRY ESTATES Selectman Marcucci advised that he will draft a letter of support from the Selectmen to the Zoning Board of Appeals regarding the proposed development Country Estates Medfield LLC Hospital Road 2017 WARRANT ARTICLES The Board was provided with a draft list of 40 articles. It is suggested that a place be reserved for article pertaining to ALS. SELECTMEN REPORT Mr. Peterson reported that shortly MCAP will be issuing a survey. At his January office hour at the CENTER he listened to resident's concern about cul-de-sac not being sanded during a storm. Mr. Marcucci remarked that he thinks it is a great idea that the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund is now in partnership with the Foundation For MetroWest. Mr. Fisher reported that the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee will hold a Public Outreach Session on February 7, 4-8 PM at the high school cafeteria. The committee will present four concepts for the hospital site. Please come to see all their work. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM20170117_page_220170117_page_3

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