MEC on 9/8 & tonight



MEC Meeting Minutes : September 8th, 2016 at Town DPW Building


Attendance: Fred Bunger, Pete Peterson, Marie Nolan, Fred Davis, Maciej Konieczny, Paul Fechtelkotter, Lee Alinsky, Cynthia Greene, Mike Sullivan, Maurice Goulet, Mark Cerel(Town Counsel), Andrew Seaman(by phone)


  1. DPW Building Solar Contract: Green Skies bid of $333,000 was selected over the $470,000 bid of Absolute Renewable Energy for the 149 KW Solar PV on the DPW garage. The Green Skies construction schedule will not begin until March 2017 which will miss the SREC II, lowering SREC value by 20%. However, the price is within the $390,000 allocated for the project and the difference between the two bids is more than makes up for the lower SREC value.  Mark Cerel reviewed the proposed contract with Green Skies to point out that the required DCAM certificate was not included. The Energy Committee voted 6 for, 0 nay with 1 abstention to recommend the Select Board accept the Green Skies contract subject to receiving the DCAM certification.  Select Board will consider the contract Sept 20.


  1. Previous Minutes. August 11th MEC meeting minutes accepted.


  1. Solarize Medfield. Sign-ups have reached Tier 1 (25KW) with 4 purchases. Planning on Sept 21 Solar 101 at MHS and time with Lions and MEMO in September. Booth for Medfield Day planned and staffed with Energy Committee members..


  1. 20 % Energy Reduction Plan for Green Communities:


META Grant and MAPC Assistance:  Awaiting DOER approval of META grant.  Contact from Axum Teferra of MAPC indicates they are ready to help Medfield prepare the Green Communities application to DOER.  Will have a kickoff as soon as META grant approved.


Schools. RISE audits planned for Sept 21 & 22 at MHS, Blake Middle School first, then Wheelock and Memorial. Paul Fechtelkotter handling arrangements with Mike LaFrancesca and Sam Nutter of RISE.  Building Management systems upgrade is under study by Mike LaFrancesca with expected 5 to 15% energy improvement.   Jerry McCarty of Weston was named new Facilities Manager and will start officially in late October.  Jerry will arrange to send Weston examples of building energy improvement projects.


Library &Town Hall : audits to be arranged by Paul F. with Eric Iafolla for Sept 21 or 22 depending upon time available after schools audits.


COA/ The Center:  RISE audit completed with only minor recommendations.


DPW / Gasoline and Diesel:   Maurice Goulet looking at 2015 usage and speculating 2015 winter usage was exceptionally high.  He will follow up on energy reduction programs when he has access to Mass Energy Insight.


WWTP and Water Dept : no progress


Lighting Audit:  Fred D. reported that the lighting audits of the Library, Town Hall and DPW building by AECOM were reviewed with Derek Brown and would be redone with equivalent lighting levels.  Discussed motion sensors and other controls to reduce lighting costs.


  1. LED Streetlights: Funding to assist Towns in switching to LED may become available from DOER.  Still reviewing maintenance contract questionnaire.  Energy Committee will work on proposal for 2017 Town Meeting.


  1. MassEnergy Insight; Awaiting access approval for Energy Committee, Mike F and Jerry McCarty.


Meeting adjourned at 9:20



Minutes respectfully submitted by Fred Bunger.




Medfield Energy Committee

Thursday October 13th, 2016

7:30 PM Town Garage



  • Acceptance of September 11th MEC meeting minutes


  • Next steps Green Communities 20% Energy Improvement Plan
    • RISE Energy Audit Report Status –  Paul
    • Energy improvement projects
      • Schools –  Mike LaFrancesca & Jerry McCarty
      • DPW building, Diesel/Gasoline – Maurice Goulet
      • Library, Town Hall, Pfaff & Center– Mike S.
      • WWTP & Water           – Fred B & Andrew
      • Public Safety building –
      • Other energy reduction projects

– Approval at Select Board Meeting October

–  Approval by School Superintendent


  • Documentation for: -Andrew
    • GC criteria #1 & #2 Solar Zoning & Expedited Permitting
    • GC criteria #4 Energy Efficient Vehicle Policy
    • GC criteria #5 Stretch Code


– Energy Manager’s report:

  • Garage Solar contract/schedule – Andrew/ Maurice


  • Solarize Medfield Status Marie


  • LED Streetlight Maintenance Contracts – Fred D


  • Other business




  • Next meeting November 11th, 2016  at 7:30 DPW conference room


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