Ken & Bob retire – 104 years of service

Today is Robert Kennedy, Sr. Day in the Town of Medfield, honoring 64 years of service to the town through its DPW.  Tomorrow is Kenneth Feeney Day, honoring 40 years of service to the town through its DPW, most as Supeintendent – Medfield’s longest serving Superintendent by more than ten years over Billy McCarthy.

This afternoon at the DPW Garage both Ken and Bob were celebrated by a retirement party with a BBQ provided by Medfield’s own Kent Summers and his partner in MOAB.  Ken and Bob received citations from the Board of Selectmen, plaques, miniature models of the Medfield town clocks made by Electric Time, flowers for their wives, a mystery present from the Transfer Station & Recycling Committee,  and Bobby Junior arranged for his Dad to receive the 1946 Chevy pickup, pictured below, because Bobby Senior reportedly joked that was all the DPW had for equipment when he started work for them in 1952.

Ken & Bob retire-20160804Ken & Bob retire-20160804-21946 Chevy pickup

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