Legal case update

This is from my daily legal news update from the American Association for Justice.  This case makes one appreciate the government regulations that keep us safe, as that chemical cannot be used here.


Family sickened by pesticide in Virgin Islands may receive $87 million payout.

ABC News (8/1, 4.15M) reports that “a Delaware family severely poisoned by pesticides while on a vacation to the Virgin Islands could receive as much as $87 million in a settlement from ServiceMaster, the parent of pest control company Terminix, according to the company’s recent financial filings.” ABC adds that “teenagers Sean and Ryan Esmond both suffered seizures and landed in the hospital in critical condition after exposure to methyl bromide – a powerful, nearly odorless neurotoxin that was banned from indoor residential use by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1984 – according to the agency.” Their parents, Stephen Esmond and Theresa Devine, “were also severely injured from the exposure and required rehabilitation therapy, according to a statement last year by the family’s lawyer.” ABC notes that “in financial statements filed July 28,” ServiceMaster “noted that it entered into a plea agreement on July 21 after a Department of Justice investigation.”

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