Trails, per MAPC

The Bay Colony Rail Trail Committee and others are meeting next Tuesday with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) about bike paths and trials.  Today the MAPC person, David Loutzenheiser, shared its map of trails in town.  This is the email from David –

Here is a map of Medfield showing all the trails including proposed rail trails and regional foot trails.  Bay Circuit and Charles River link are existing.  Tri-Town and a connection to Norfolk are proposed.  We can talk more about these concepts on Tuesday.  Any glaring errors, I can fix on Monday. Will bring a large copy of the map.

For more information on our regional greenway vision and maps see:

See you on Tues.




2 responses to “Trails, per MAPC

  1. Robert Keegan

    Hello thank you for updates is it possible when we repays roads include bike lanes, for sample harding is proposed to repave could a bike lane be included in the project?


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      We have been told by Ken Feeney that bike lanes now have to be designed in to new roads. I do not know if that applies to a street like Harding, if it were to be redone. Ideally it would be.


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