Water Ban Postcard

water ban-2

It is time for people to obey the water ban, since if yesterday’s three times normal water usage does not come down, all outdoor watering will have to be banned.

The following postcard will appear at your home:


The Town of Medfield has received notice from the Massachusetts Dept. of
Environmental Protection (MA DEP) to increase the level of outdoor watering
restrictions due to increasing drought conditions.  Therefore, the Town of Medfield
is declaring a mandatory one day a week outdoor watering program.  Houses with
odd numbers may perform outdoor watering on Monday evenings and houses with
even numbers may perform outdoor watering on Thursday eveningsTHERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE WATERING ALLOWED BETWEEN THE
HOURS OF 9 A.M. AND 5 P.M.  Daily handheld watering of vegetable gardens
and flowers is permitted except between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.   You will be
fined for non-compliance of this restriction.  If everyone does not comply with this
ban, the level of restriction may be raised to a complete outside watering ban. If you
have further questions, please contact the Medfield Water Dept.  at 508-906-3004.


Mike Sullivan reported to the Board of Selectmen and the Warrant Committee chair this afternoon both that a system for issuing citations and fines has been established, and that –

For you information, David O’Toole told me that we used 2,900,000 gallons of water yesterday, During a normal winter day, we would pump about 900,000 to 1,000,000 gallons a day. The pumps are running 18 to 21 hours a day trying to keep up with the demand. He had to shut down the filling of the new water tower because the water level in the Mount Nebo tower was dropping.

NB –

Those who violate the water ban will be fined.  Citations are to be issued by both the Medfield Police Department and Medfield DPW personnel.




2 responses to “Water Ban Postcard

  1. Hi Pete
    Just wondering if the water ban covered homes with their own wells?


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      John, I did not know, so I asked Maureen Anderson of the town’s water and sewer departments, who shared with me that –
      Private wells do not fall under the same water ban restrictions. The homeowner needs to realize that even though they have a private well, we are all pulling from the same aquifer. We ask them to post a sign on their property stating they are on well water.


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