Leak details

water towers at MSH

Mike Sullivan was queried and shared more details on the issues arising out of the leak at the new water tower –

I believe the tank holds about 1.3 million gallons. They did not have to completely empty it to make the repair so I would assume it was somewhere around 1 million gallons that were emptied from the tank. Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, the general contractor will pay $5128.20 for the water. In addition, they will be charged delay damages for not completing the project by the scheduled date in the construction contract. The negotiations on the amount of delay damages will take place after the tank is completed and put into service.The water could not be put back into the system because the new tank was still being inspected prior to being put on line. As part of the repair a shut-off valve has been installed so that if another leak develops it will not have to be drained to make repairs. For some reason, this shut off valve was not included as part of the original design. The repairs have been completed, but it will take several days to fill the tank and then it will have to be disinfected and inspected prior to being put back online. Mike Sullivan

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