Tower seller pays for wasted water

water towers at MSH

The new water tower at the former Medfield State Hospital site was only just finally filled last week, when the new tank sprang a leak.  To fix the leak it had to be drained of all that water just used to fill the tank.  The issue then arose as to who should pay for all that water, and the tank manufacturer has agreed to pay per the email today from Mike Sullivan.

I asked if I could have the drained water for my lawn – we even numbers cannot water for another week.

I will ask Mike just how much we charge for a tank of water.

BTW, I recently undertook a survey of water tower styles for the town by driving to Indiana and back, and I can now report that one-third the water tanks are our style and the rest are rounded.  Some of our styles, however, do have peaked tops.

Phoenix Fabricators, the contractor for the State Hospital water town has agreed to pay the cost of water for having to drain the tank to repair the leak. Mike S.

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  1. Pete, isn’t there some way the town can use the water in the tank? Setting aside the $ of the water, it seems to me like a terrible waste of water when we’re on water restrictions now. Lee Alinsky

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    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Lee, I agree. I actually think the old water tower may still be full of water as well. I think it will all just go down the drain. The Charles River Watershed Association is always trying to get more flow in the river, so maybe they will give us a citation for adding so much water to the river.


  2. gil rodgers

    Pete and Mike,

    I was up there and talked to the guy monitoring draining the water tank and took a few pictures attached above. Three questions:

    Why not simply return the good, clean water into the Medfield water system for our use instead of wasting on the fields and letting 1.25 million gallons flow down the hill towards Evergreen and the Dover Regional School at some enormous expense and waste of a valuable resource?

    Also, I looked at the piping in the tower. The engineering doesn’t make sense to me. Why not install a cut-off valve just before the elbow going up to the holding tank? That way if anything in the future happens to the plumbing you don’t have to drain the entire tank to fix it.

    Wasn’t the leaking coupling pressure-tested at the factory before acceptance by the contractor and then again after installation but before the tank was completely filled? Seems like that would be a basic procedure for this type of construction project.



    Gil Rodgers



  3. Pete-
    I’ve always felt you’re willing to go the extra mile in support of the Town, but traveling hundreds of miles just to observe other water towers is way beyond the call of duty :). Keep up the good work.


  4. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    Thousands of miles – 2,000!


  5. Wow! Congress persons are subsidized for trips to Europe, the Middle East.and beyond. The least we can do is pay for your gas for a fact-finding trip to Middle-America :). Hope you know my tongue is stuck firmly in my cheek.