Medfield $ in state budget


John Nunnari provided the final Medfield money in the state budget, which includes money for the state to build its own road to the Charles River Overlook, so Medfield does not have to encumber our MSH land with that access, if we decide it is not in our best interest.


Municipality/Regional District 7061-0008 Chapter 70 Unrestricted General Government Aid Annual Formula Local Aide
FY ’15 Actual Appropriation $5,862,409.00 $1,289,875.00 $0.00
FY ’16 Actual Appropriation $5,925,859.00 $1,336,310.00
Governors FY ’17 Proposal $5,975,759.00 $1,393,771.00 $0.00
Medfield (House FY ’17 Proposed Numbers) $6,063,084.00 $1,393,771.00 $0.00
Medfield (Senate FY 17 Proposed Numbers) $6,063,084.00 $1,393,771.00 $0.00
FY ’17 Conference Committee Report           July +/- $6,063,084.00 $1,393,771.00 $0.00



2810-0100 For the operation of the division of state parks and recreation;…. provided further, that not less than $150,000 shall be expended for the creation of a roadway at the former Medfield State Hospital property in the town of Medfield


John Nunnari, Assoc AIA
Executive Director, AIA MA

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