Energy Committee doings


Meeting next on June 9th at 7:30 PM in the DPW Garage’s conference room.

MEC Meeting Minutes – May  12th, 2016

Attendance: Fred Bunger, Lee Alinsky, Pete Peterson, Maciej Konieczny, Fred Davis, Marie Nolan,  Andrew Seaman by phone.

  1. To begin the meeting, we linked in to an MCAN webinar on the new state energy bill. Speakers were:

Caitlin Sloane Peale from Conservation Law Foundation concerning State Energy Sourcing

Amber Hewett from the National Wildlife Federation about opportunities for offshore wind generation

Eugenia Gibbons from Mass Energy Alliance talking about opposition to new gas pipelines

Josh Craft from the Environmental League of Massachusetts encouraged contacting our State representatives.

The Energy Committee discussed writing as a group, but decided each member should act individually.

  1. April 7th and April 21st meeting minutes accepted with corrections.
  2. Energy Manager’s Report
    1. WWTP Solar: generating and exporting electricity, fixing issues with one inverter and data acquisition.
    2. DPW Solar: 150KW system, need help to write RFP for design/build project(SDA not available)
    3. Public Safety Building: 61KW system being installed as change order by general contractor. Bids out by end of May.
    4. Andrew announced that he is leaving the Medfield Energy Manager job and will be relocating his family to the Philadelphia area.
  3. Solarize Massachusetts: Select Board approved Solarize project April 19th. Website for Solarize Medfield is live and there are already 6 sign-ups.  RFP to select installers was sent into Solarize Mass for review.  Plan to select installer by end of June and schedule a “meet the installer” by the end of July.
  4. Green Communities 20% Energy Reduction Plan
    1. Baseline year 2015 selected as having a full year of Energy Insight data and being a relatively cold year. Year runs July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.
    2. An energy conservation program will need to be developed for each Town Department/major energy user.
    3. Discussed having each member of the Energy Committee volunteer to work with Andrew and the Department staff to conduct audits and to develop each Town Department’s energy conservation plan.
    4. A suggested division of plans

– Water & Sewer Department   –  energy committee volunteer: Fred Bunger

– Department of Public Works – ??

– Elementary Schools – ??  work with Alan Peterson

– Middle School & High School – ??  work with Alan Peterson

– Traffic and Street lighting – ??

– Town House and Library -??

–  The Center and Parks and Recreation – ??

  1. Andrew will determine if it would be helpful to include Housing Authority’s Tilden Village in the baseline and conservation plans.
  2. Meeting was adjourned at 9:20

Next Meeting:  Thursday June 9th

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