BoS minutes for 5/17


Meeting Minutes May 17, 2016 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. He announced this meeting is being recorded. Selectman Fisher asked for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world. MEETING MINUTES VOTED unanimously to approve the meeting minutes of April 5 as submitted and the minutes of April 19 and May 3 with amendments PENDING ITEMS Gas line connection. New resident at 1 Cedar Lane was recognized. Mrs. Miriam Georges said that when they purchased their home, the sellers let them know that they could connect to the gas line in Pine Street. The house is presently served by oil. Superintendent Feeney recommends to the Selectmen that they deny the request on the basis that as Pine Street was recently paved, it is the Town's policy not to permit street openings for five years. The Town has spent close to one million dollars to pave various streets. If the Georges' request was granted it would set a precedence. Selectman Marcucci queried if in fact she obtained information from Town Hall that the house could be connected to Pine Street gas line. Mrs. Georges responded that no, it was the seller's information. The Selectmen agreed not to grant permission for 1 Cedar Lane to open Pine Street for a gas connection. TOWNWIDE MASTER PLAN COMMITIEE CHARfER Selectman Marcucci submitted his draft of the charter. Selectmen Fisher and Peterson agree with the draft and particularly like the expectations relating to time lines for the committee and their responsibilities. It is suggested that the committee consist of five members; Selectmen to appoint three members from the community; one member from the Planning Board and one from the Warrant Committee. On a motion made it was VOTED unanimously to accept the Town wide Master Plan Steering Committee Charter as set forth in Selectman Marcucci's draft LIONS TOLL BOOTH Medfield Lions Club member Ron Gustavson is present to request permission for the annual May 17, 2016 Page two Lions Toll Booth on Saturday May 21 9 AM to noon. The locations where Lion members will be stationed are North and Main Streets, in front of Needham Bank, Blue Moon Bakery and the SWAP area at the Transfer Station. Mr. Gustavson said that the Lions have raised and donated $3,000.00 to eye research; we hope this Toll Booth event brings us up to $5,000.00. VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Peterson, seconded by Selectman Marcucci to grant permission for the annual "Lions Toll Booth" event to be held Saturday May 20, 2016 9:00 AM to Noon. Vote was unanimous MEDFIELD HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION The Selectmen received an invitation to attend the graduation exercises on Sunday June 12, 2016. RSVP by June 3 is requested. COMMIITEE APPOINTMENT VOTED unanimously to appoint Paul Fechtelkotter to the Medfield Energy Committee and as recommended by Fred Bunger, Committee Chairman HEALTH INSURANCE RATES Mr. Sullivan explained that the rates will increase by 5.5%. The prediction was an increase of 7- 12% so 5.5 is a win for the Town. The Town contributes 62% and the employee pays 38%. He went on to say the Insurance Advisory Committee is exploring increases to co-pays and deductibles. A brief discussion followed regarding the Cadillac tax and it was noted that the effective date has been postponed until 2018. VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman Marcucci to authorize Chairman Fisher sign the MllA Health Benefits Trust Renewal Acceptance of Rates for the period July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. Motion carried RENEWAL INSURANCE PROPOSAL This proposal is for workers' compensation and property and liability insurance with MllA for fiscal year 2017 that includes an increase rate of 2.2%. Mr. Sullivan explained that if the Town pays the premium by August 1st MllA will provide a 3% discount on the total premium. The Selectmen are requested to vote to authorize Town Administrator Sullivan sign the insurance renewal proposal and it was so voted. EAGLE SCOUT The Selectmen received are invitation from Boy Scout Troop 10 to attend the Eagle Court of Honor for Noah John Anszperger on Saturday June 4, 2016 to be held at the United Church of Christ at 2:00 PM. RSVP is requested. May 17, 2016 Page three VANASSE HANGEN BRUSTLIN, INC The Selectmen are requested to vote to authorize Chairman Fisher sign Amendment 2-5 to the Town's contract with VHB. This change order was requested by the State Hospital Planning Committee for the purpose of refining the financial model. VOTED unanimously to authorize Chairman Fisher execute Amendment 2-5 a change order to VHB's contract with the Town LICENSES AND PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant permission for signs to be posted promoting the Zullo Gallery Annual Arts Festival to take place Saturday June 18, 2016 VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the United Church of Christ to use the area At Meetinghouse Pond for their annual Church Picnic Sunday June 5 9AM to 2PM VOTED unanimously to grant the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation permission to conduct their annual Cycle For Life bike ride through a part of Medfield Saturday October 1, 2016 VOTED unanimously to grant one-day wine and malt beverage permits to the Zullo Gallery for Thursdays in July and August; First Thursday September through December and for the band Tickle Juice concert Friday May 20 SENIOR HOUSING AND HOUSING PRODUCTION PLAN Present for this discussion is Candace Loewen, Medfield Housing Authority Director; Planning Board members, Sarah Lemke, Wright Dickinson and associate member Theresa James; Roberta Lynch, COA Director; Lisa Donovan, Robert Canavan and Eileen DeSorgher, members of the Housing Authority Board. Ms. Loewen opened the discussion by reporting that Tilden Village has a total area of 6.78 acres, currently there are 60 units built on 2.59 acres. Under our 1974 permit we could build additional 40 units on the remaining four plus acres, however the first step we need to do is apply to the Zoning Board for a modification to that permit. Our intent is to help qualified seniors to be able to stay in Medfield. It is very difficult to have to tell a senior there is a waiting list when someone may need housing almost immediately and if they need a handicap accessible unit that list is longer. Medfield residents are given priority, however if they move out of town and want to return to live in Tilden Village they lose that priority. Ms. Loewen, who is also the Housing Director in Millis and Foxborough continued saying that we are working with architect Peter Smith preparing plans; an estimate for construction is $6.6M; part of our plan would be to reach out to the Massachusetts Housing Partnership for May 17, 2016 Page four funding. Selectman Marcucci queried would it help speed up the process if the Town contributed some of the funds. Ms. Loewen responded that yes it would be very helpful. It was also pointed out that with expanding Tilden Village the units would count toward Medfield's 40B affordable housing. Selectmen encourage Ms. Loewen to move forward and talk with Town Planner Sarah Raposa to get the permit application in motion. Mr. Sullivan mentioned that with the new changes to storm water management it may be necessary to construct retention basins on site. Wright Dickinson remarked that Medfield is below the state mandated number of 40B units, however if the Town is able to devote the 1.5% acreage requirement to affordable housing we may be close to the required number because of Medfield protecting so much of our land to conservation and other restrictions. He continued that the Planning Board has not yet adopted the 2015 housing production plan; however we have hired a consultant to help us sort through it. The Planning Board has set a date of June 6 to meet with the state hospital master planning committee to discuss the housing production plan. Roberta Lynch was recognized and she feels that developing Tilden Village is one piece of the puzzle. Not everyone wants to live in an apartment but would very much like to stay in Medfield in their own home. We need to address moderate priced housing for seniors. She went on to say that she suggests Lot 3 and the Hinkley property be removed from the hospital planning committee and instead these properties be considered for moderate priced housing. The Selectmen agree that this discussion was a good first step in the right direction to address senior housing in Medfield. SELECTMEN REPOITT Mr. Peterson attended several meetings; hospital master planning committee, Energy Committee, the Foundation for Metro West and Suburban Coalition on Education and a meeting with Larkin Brothers, continuing the discussion of their proposed development. He announced that Medfield Cares About Prevention is taking part in an exhibit at the Natick Mall entitled Hidden in Plain Sight. This is a display of a teen's bedroom and where items may be hidden that could signal the teen is involved in alcohol or drug use. Mr. Fisher attended MEMO's annual meeting and the Lions Club Spring Gala which benefited the Neighborhood Brigade organization. It was a nice event and he is happy to say that he won the "Medfield Basket". He remarked that members of the Neighborhood Brigade are the unsung heroes in Town who work behind the scenes and accomplish good things. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM20160517_Page_220160517_Page_320160517_Page_4

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