BoS agenda for 6/7


MEETING I POSTED: . ' ~TOWN CLERK .. TOWN OF MEDFIELD NOTICE · , 11tttl'Vtll .. , JOWN Of MEDFIELD, H.~$$. POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER 39 SECTBl.i :ililN A3A~H!Di8. Board of Selectmen Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME OFF ICE OF THE TOWN CLERK Town Hall Chenery Meeting Room, 2nd floor Tuesday June 7, 2016@7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 7:00 PM Board of Assessors I special election Selectmen and Assessors to vote to elect candidate to fill vacancy 7:15 PM Police Chief, Board of Health member, School Department Representative, Dawn Alcott Discuss committee to oversee Outreach Program 7:30 PM Public Hearing/ Soliciting in Medfield Kaylene Leroux on behalf of Mass Save/home building products 7:45 PM Energy Committee, Fred Bunger and Andrew Seaman Discuss proposed energy reduction plan for municipal buildings PENDING Board, Committee, Commission appointments Town Master Plan Committee Senior Housing Study Committee NEW BUSINESS Superintendent Feeney recommends Selectmen vote to award Bituminous Patch Bid to T.L. Edwards Vote to accept HNTB proposal for reconstruction of North Street Vote to authorize Chairman sign two change orders for the Hospital Road watermain and tank project Vote to authorize Town Administrator to sign agreement with New Ecology, Inc. for installation of solar array on the roof of the new Public Safety Building COMCAST to exercise option to renew its lease at the Town Garage site for additional five years MEMO requests permission to hold the 37th annual Medfield Day on September 17, 2016, 9AM--3PM Resident requests consideration to appoint Charter Review Committee Other business that may arise I Board Members Town of Medfield Board of Assessors Thomas V. Sweeney Jr., Chairman Francis J. Perry III, Clerk May 20, 2016 Mike Sullivan Board of Selectmen RE: Vacancy on the Board of Assessors Dear Mr. Sullivan and Board of Selectmen, 459 Main Street Medfield, MA 02052 Tel: 508-906-3014 Fax: 508-359-6182 Under MGL Chapter 41 section 11 the Board of Assessors is informing you that, as of May 10, 2016, there is a vacancy on the Board of Assessors. The remaining members (Tom Sweeney and Frank Perry) are officially giving you written notice thereof, as required within one month of said vacancy. Further they request to be placed on your June 7, 2016, agenda in order that the Selectmen, who, with the remaining members of the Board of Assessors, shall, fill such vacancy by roll, call vote. A majority of the votes of the officers entitled to vote shall be necessary to such election. The Board of Assessors will be nominating Jeffrey Skerry of 13 Belknap Road, Medfield to be so appointed (elected) as he is a registered voter of the town and is willing to perform the duties of the office until the next annual election. At that time he can run to fulfill the two-year remaining term of office. Mr. Skerry has been a practicing attorney for over 25 years. Prior to practicing law, he was a certified public accountant in New York City and has an MBA in finance. The Board feels that Mr. Skerry will compliment and be an asset to the Board of Assessors with his legal and financial background . .... ~~···-·--···-·· _,, ··-·-·,,..,~.))'..._ . (Re';e,.t~~Y-~tlb .· G ·. .}tted for the Board of Assessors, A ' { / '(,,/// I vz;----~ Re "11 k, RMA, MAA Cc: Mark Cerel, Town Counsel rft." !11,».;, .~.,(, l"l;'; ~. 1v!:.c;;; :o MAY 2·0 Z016 AD#l343.641 S .. Medfield Press 61.3116 . . ··.··''·'~~irk ·i' f' .. :,.: 16,000 14,000 12,000 ~ 10,000 ~ ~ 8,000 Cl) :::> I..l..l it 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 ~-~~ &-"' ~ .q;..0- ~'IS ~'/; ~" e ~e ~e ~-?f «>e Oe ~,,, ,,:v 't>~ 't>~ '"' ,,,~ ,,,~ .;.:,o~"' c,.._-i; '1-,.'l>i!:"- q_ -:-.."- ,,,, ~"6'20160607-agenda_Page_0220160607-agenda_Page_0320160607-agenda_Page_0420160607-agenda_Page_0520160607-agenda_Page_0620160607-agenda_Page_0720160607-agenda_Page_0820160607-agenda_Page_0920160607-agenda_Page_1020160607-agenda_Page_1120160607-agenda_Page_1220160607-agenda_Page_1320160607-agenda_Page_1420160607-agenda_Page_1520160607-agenda_Page_1620160607-agenda_Page_1720160607-agenda_Page_1820160607-agenda_Page_1920160607-agenda_Page_2020160607-agenda_Page_2120160607-agenda_Page_2220160607-agenda_Page_2320160607-agenda_Page_2420160607-agenda_Page_2520160607-agenda_Page_2620160607-agenda_Page_27

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