4/11 report on MSH planning

This meeting is an opportunity for all residents to both get informed about and also to provide input into the planning process for the MSH, before the scenarios to be studied in greater depth are selected.

Medfield State Hospital Master Plan Committee Update

The Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee (MSHMPC) will hold an open forum regarding the Medfield State Hospital property on Monday, April 11 at 7:00 PM in the Medfield High School Auditorium.



Lee Chapel at msh

Lee Chapel

Recent walking tour of the property led by Buildings & Grounds Chair John Thompson.
Photo courtesy of Kathy McCrossan


Community Meeting for the Medfield State Hospital Property

The April 11th meeting has two major goals.  The first is to provide transparency about the master planning process to Medfield citizens: to educate residents about the planning process; to summarize all that the Committee has learned; and, to outline the next steps. The second goal is to maintain an open dialog with the Town to ensure any proposal accurately addresses the goals of its residents.

MSHMPC will start with a brief overview of its work with VHB, an established master planning consultant that is assisting the Committee.  Results of the three surveys sent out this past summer will be reviewed.  These surveys provide invaluable feedback to MSHMPC in assessing the priorities given to any particular aspect of a plan. The Committee will discuss initiatives and uses that are under consideration and intends to introduce various study scenarios used to strengthen the planning process.  An explanation of the financial model employed in the study  scenarios will also be included.

An update on the Buildings and Grounds will be provided.  The property is becoming a popular venue for a broad variety of passive recreation uses and is increasingly providing a source of enjoyment to many residents.

Future outreach will be discussed. The forum will close with an extended Question and Answer period to get feedback from the residents and to answer questions.

All citizens are encouraged to attend. Medfield TV will cover the meeting for those unable to attend in person.

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