MS4 from EPA


This month the EPA will release its new stormwater permit rules and regulations, which are termed “MS4.”  Selectmen had a presentation on MS4 this past month by people from the Neponset River Watershed Association (NRWA), who explained the expected regulation and  shared the planning other towns are doing to respond.  Most disturbing was their representation that some towns, such as Dedham, are expecting it to cost them upwards of $1m./year to respond to those MS4 regulations.

Mike Sullivan says Medfield is fortunate to have planned ahead and has already instituted all the matters he expects will be required by the MS4 permit and its regulations, such that Mike did not think that we need to budget anything for next year to be in compliance.

The NRWA representatives indicated that many towns will be implementing fees to residents for the amount of impervious surface on their lots. Again, since Mike says we will not have extra costs, we will not need to look at such fees to cover the cost of compliance.


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