CPA information 12/10 at 7pm

This from the newly formed CPA group –

Peak House Gateway Tilden Village


Could it benefit Medfield?

Join us to learn more and take action:

7-8:30 p.m. – Thurs., Dec. 10 – Zullo Gallery
Wine, beer, nibbles

Signed into law in 2000 by Gov. Paul Cellucci and Lt. Gov. Jane Swift, the CPA is a smart-growth tool that helps communities:

  • Preserve open space
  • Protect historic sites
  • Create affordable housing
  • Develop outdoor recreational facilities

A local Community Preservation Fund is fueled by a surcharge of 1%, 2% or 3% of property tax bills (not an increase in the tax rate), with the percentage amount decided by voters. Exclusions, (such as low-income residents, certain types of businesses, etc.) are also decided by voters.

In addition to local funds collected, communities receive annual distributions from the state Community Preservation Trust Fund, administered by the Department of Revenue. It’s like putting that 1-3% surcharge in a savings account that earns high interest.

It was recently announced that for 2015 alone, 156 communities together will receive $36 million from the CPA Trust Fund thanks to a 29.7% state contribution*. Medfield was not among them since we have yet to adopt the CPA. (*Source:

Norfolk, Medway, Millis, Holliston and Needham are some of the nearby towns that have benefited from the CPA.

Many of the proposed projects at the Medfield State Hospital site could qualify for CPA funding.

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