ATM 2015

At last night’s annual town meeting it took about an extra ten minutes after the 7:30 PM scheduled start time for the 250th attendee to arrive and make the required quorum number.  This was the MHS gym at the outset.


In what was mainly a routine ATM, the three most contentious issues turned out to be:

  1. a proposed zoning change that would have deleted a limit on  building heights to “2 1/2 stories,” to instead to rely upon the 35′ height limit.  There is no definition in our zoning of what constitutes a “1/2 story,” so that vagueness in that current zoning caused the Planning Board to seek greater certainty.  Zoning changes need a 2/3 vote to pass, and this article probably did not even get a simple majority, and thus was easily defeated.
  2. Straw Hat Park funding of $32,500, which is half of what is required to construct what will surely be the gem of the downtown, thus making the construction happen over two years instead of  one.  It passed by a vote of 143-96.  Lots of discussion for such a small part of the town’s $60m. annual budget.
  3. $150,000 to fund the consultants this next year for the master planning and continued clean up of the former Medfield State Hospital site, which controversy was caused by warnings from one resident that development at the MSH site had already been predetermined, and that the no build/open space option is not included, despite that the latter has always been stated as the first option that the master planning will consider.

This was the room at the 10:30 PM end of the ATM, when we had almost certainly dropped below the quorum level, but thankfully no one asked for a quorum call, so we successfully concluded the town’s business –


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