$6m. for new water tower & lines

These emails from Mike and town’s Water & Sewer consultant last week laying out the expected $6m. cost of the new water tower and new water mains at the former Medfield State Hospital site.  The $6m. figure will be what is used at the annual town meeting (ATM) tonight –

Gus, Pete, Richard, Mark and Scott. Bids for water mains opened this afternoon and results attached. Revised estimate for town meeting appropriation also attached. Based on this estimate, I’ll prepare a motion to appropriate $6 million for the State Hospital water tower and mains, of which $160,000 will be from North and Green St bond funds and $5,840,000 will be authorized for bonding. Let me know if that’s okay  and I’ll have Evelyn put it in the motion folders. Please do not post the results on your blogs, as the Water and Sewer Commissioners have not yet had a chance to see or to review this information. Thanks Mike

From: “Paul C. Millett”
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 5:02 PM
Subject: Updated: Medfield Water Project: Hospital Rd. Water Main and Tank Cost Estimate


We received and opened 12 bids this afternoon for the watermain project.  The bids ranged from $1.65M to $2.265M.

The apparent low bidder is Oliviera Construction Inc. Somerset, MA.

The next three bids were $1.780M, $1.794M and $1.799M.  A copy of a portion of the bid results checklist is attached.

EPG will review all bids for math errors, accuracy and completeness and issue a letter of recommendation by the end of the week.

I spoke with Mike Oliviera from Oliviera Construction this afternoon around 4:30 p.m and he is comfortable with his bid of $1.65M.

I updated the total project cost table using the low bid amount of $1.65M.  The revised table is attached.

The total project cost is now $6.018M…say $6M.  This includes 10% contingency and 10% for engineering services during construction.  The tank cost estimate is based on quotes from 3 tank contractors.

There are costs for CSX fees during the pipe jacking construction under the tracks that are unknown at this time. CSX will not provide a firm price for the # of flagmen, inspectors etc. or the total cost. These costs may be in $25-50k range and will be taken from contingency.


This total project cost estimate is now $0.4M less than last week’s (April 18) estimate of $6.4M.

For overall budgeting purposes, I would recommend that $6M be used as the total project cost at this time.  If a 5% contingency is used, then the total project cost drops to about $5.8M. However, until the additional soil testing at the tank is completed (we are still waiting for DCAMM approval for Round 2 of sampling), I would recommend against reducing the contingency at this time.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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