ATM warrant article list

Mike Sullivan sent out an updated list of draft annual town meeting (ATM) warrant articles.   Let me know if there is anything that you would like to have added.  –

Preliminary Warrant Articles for 2014 ATM

  1. Town Election.
  2. Report of Town Officers.
  3. Accept Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds.
  4. Reauthorize Fire Alarm Revolving Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  5. Reauthorize Ambulance Revolving Fund  (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  6. Reauthorize Advance Life Support Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  7. Reauthorize Community Gardens Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  8. Reauthorize Rental Income Revolving Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  9. Reauthorize Library Revolving Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2)
  10. Reauthorize Respite Care Revolving Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  11. Vote to reduce residency requirements for qualified veterans from five years to one year as provided in last paragraph of Chapter 59, Section 5, Clause 22.
  12. Accept Provisions of Section four, Chapter 73 of the Acts of 1986; tax-exemptions  (routine-voted every year)
  13. Accept MGL Chapter 60A, Section 1, Paragraphs 6, 7 & 8, exempting from motor vehicle excise tax qualifying active and full time military members or veterans with qualifying disabilities
  14.  Accept MGL Chapter 60A, Section 9 to permit deferral of motor vehicle excise tax for a member of the Mass National Guard or reservist or dependent of a member of the Mass National Guard or reservist for up to 180 days after completion of that service.
  15. Fix Salary and Compensation of Elected Officials.
  16. Amend Personnel Administration Plan-Classification of Positions and Pay Schedule as set out in the Warrant.
  17. Operating budgets.
  18. Capital Budgets.
  19. Appropriate a sum of money to provide for payments under the Senior Tax Work-off Program and the Veterans Volunteer Work Tax Abatement Program
  20. Amend the Town of Medfield By-laws to regulate public consumption of  marijuana.
  21. Appropriate sewer betterments paid-in-advance to Sewer Stabilization Fund.
  22. Transfer funds from Fy14  County Retirement budget to  the Unfunded Retiree  Health Insurance Stabilization Fund and appropriate funds and/or transfer a sum of money  from free cash to the Unfunded Retiree Health Insurance Stabilization Fund.
  23. Accept MGL, Chapter 32B, Section 20 establishing an Other Post Employment Benefits    Liability Trust Fund and (?) appoint a Health Care Security Trust board of trustees, as provided in MGL, Chapter 29D, Section 4, and transfer all monies in the Unfunded Retiree Health Insurance Stabilization Fund to the Other Post Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund

24 Authorize Conservation Commission to enter into lease of Holmquist land for agricultural and/or other conservation related uses, such as organic farming and/or organic cooperative farming..

25 Appropriate funds, determine financing and/or authorize borrowing for preparation of design and construction documents (and for the construction, equipping, furnishing and landscaping) of a public safety building.

26 Appropriate funds for the reconstruction of a sidewalk on Main and South Streets and transfer the balance of funds appropriated under Article 30 of the 2013 Annual Town Meeting for preservation of the Lord’s sign.

27 Appropriate funds and authorize borrowing and easements for the construction of a replacement water tower and associated water mains at the site of the former Medfield State Hospital.

28 Appropriate the sum of $139,207 said sum to be transferred from the Water Enterprise Fund unrestricted fund balance to the General Fund Stabilization Fund, to reimburse the General Fund Stabilization Fund for monies appropriated under Article 2 of the October 2013 Special Town Meeting to pay for design of a water tower and associated water mains

29 Appropriate sums of money from the Water and Sewer Enterprise Funds for the purpose of inspecting, repairing and upgrading the water and sewer infrastructures.

30 Authorize Board of Selectmen to lease Lot 3, a parcel of Town-owned land off Ice House Road, for ? purposes.

31. Transfer care, custody and control of Lot 3, a parcel of Town-owned land off Ice House Road to the Park & Recreation Commission.

32 Appropriate a sum of money to match the funds received from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Cultural Council awards or put in Selectmen’s budget? Joy says can’t do.

33 Appropriate a sum of money for the Veteran’s Day recognition breakfast or put in Veteran’s Services budget?

34   Articles for updating of by-laws? Remove limitation on number of town meeting speakers. Anything else?

35.   Codify By-laws.

36. Establish by right zoning district or overlay zone for solar generation and/or other uses (R & D, manufacturing, generation).

37.  Vote to adopt stretch code for building construction (Energy Committee not sure how it will proceed) (Planning Board will not sponsor. Should Selectmen co-sponsor?)

38. Appropriate a sum of money for hiring consultants to advise on matters relating to former Medfield State Hospital site.

39. Appropriate funds for construction of a pocket park on Town-owned land between Starbucks and Zebra’s and/or name park?

40   Accept ROW easement from Wild Holly Lane to Holmquist Conservation land.

41.   Authorize Application for Public Library Construction Program grant.

42.  Vote to put on ballot question to accept the Community Preservation Act.

43.  Accept a gift of a parcel of land on Pine Street between existing street and layout.

44. Designate the Peak House/Clark Tavern Historic District

45  Appropriate free cash to reduce tax rate

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