BoS 1/21 agenda

Board of Selectmen
Agenda January 28, 2014

The Medfield Board of Selectmen needs to meet in Executive Session (closed session) at close of meeting for the purpose of discussing threaten litigation, RGL LLC vs. Town of Medfield and Trustees of Red Gate Farm

We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan

This meeting is being recorded

6:00 PM William Donovan, Town employee

Discuss snow plowing policy for Wastewater Treatment Plant employees

6:15 PM Park and Recreation
Discuss FY2015 budget

6:30 PM Town Counsel
Discussion of Town Bylaw update

7:00PM Permanent Building Committee, Chief Kingsbury, Chief Meaney

Public presentation of proposed Public Safety Building

8:00PM Medfield Energy Committee
Discuss of green communities certification and energy grant manager application

8:30PM Discussion of sidewalk in front of Brothers Marketplace

Decision as to which articles to include in Warrant

Discuss wishes to accept donation of land on Pine Street

An invitation was received from Boy Scout Troop 89 to attend the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Eric Lundstrom, Jake Lester and Benjamin Wilson on Saturday February 8,2014 at the United Church of Christ

Vote to approve meeting minutes of December 3, 2013 and January 7,2014

Church of the Advent respectfully requests a one-day wine and malt permit for annual dinner event on Saturday March 1, 2014



Resident’s letter of appreciation regarding the Public Visioning Workshop on January 11
Estimated cherry sheet
From Norfolk County Retirement System, Town’s FY15  Appropriation
Packet of information from Conservation Commission


January 22,2014

(508) 359-4698

Board of Selectmen
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Re.: Land gift


If you’ll draw up the paperwork, my wife Meg and I would like to donate to the Town of Medfield a small piece of land, located on Pine Street, being shown as Parcel lion Map No. 66 of the Medfield Assessors. A photocopy of the land as it appears on the Map is enclosed herewith, highlighted in yellow. The parcel consists of approximately 6,100 square feet ofland, and is located between the pavement of Pine Street and the Norfolk County layout.

Please let me know if, in behalf of the Town, you’re interested in accepting the gift.

Thank you for your courtesies.

R. Edward Beard
18 Ledgetree
Medfield, MA 02052

459 Main St.
Medfield, MA 02052

Dear Selectmen:

I attended the Hospital Visioning Workshop on January 11th, and came away impressed with the professionalism of the presentations and the knowledge of all of the people involved who have given so much of their time.

Sometimes, communities have to make a decision without having adequate information; not in this instance. And all of my questions were answered during the discussions before I even had to ask them.
The event was well organized and I thank all of the citizens who did all of the work to reach this point.

Also, being able to participate that day was much appreciated by me.

Justin Brady

Norfolk County Retirement System
December 16,2013
To: Board of Selectmen
Town of Medfield
From: Norfolk County Retirement System
Subj: Town of Medfield Fiscal Year 2015 Appropriation

The Norfolk County Retirement System has received several inquiries relative to the member unit appropriation amounts for Fiscal Year 2015. We have received the appropriation figures. The units have two payment options,

1) Paying the appropriation in two equal payments, one due on July 1, 2014 and the second due on January 1, 2015,

2) Paying the appropriation in a single payment on July 1, 2014 at a reduced rate, approximately 2% less than option 1.

The amounts of each are set forth below. Please note that your  Fiscal Year 2015 appropriation includes prior Early Retirement Incentives (ERIs), where applicable.

Option 1:  $1,720,395.00 payable in two equal payments of
$860,197.50, the first on July 1, 2014 and the second on
January 1, 2015.

Option 2:  $ 1,686,967.00 due in full on July 1, 2014.

The actual appropriation bills will be sent out at a later date.

We hope the above information is helpful. If you have any questions, please contact
Patrick LePage at 781-821-0664. Thank you.

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