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Nominations Open for MFi Volunteer Awards

Nominate an extraordinary person for the 2014 Medfield Foundation volunteer awards by 1/31/14.

Rick Abecunas

Rick Abecunas was nominated for last year’s Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards.

Rick Abecunas was nominated last year for his work with the Lowell Mason Foundation, the Green Street & Dale Street Playgrounds, Soup to Go Medfield, the Scouts, the Medfield Music Assoc., & the All Night Graduation Party (ANGP).

Nominate someone for the 2014 Medfield Foundation volunteer awards by downloading the form from, and e-mailing your nomination as an attachment to no later than January 31, 2014.

The MFi’s 2014 volunteer recognition reception, again sponsored through the generous community spirit of the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation, will be held from 3 -5 PM on Sunday, March 23, 2014 at The Center – all are welcome.


“Love ’Em and Leave ’Em”

From Commonwealth Magazine –

Some towns are telling their residents to mow over their leaves rather than bag them, which is considered better for lawns and less costly for the towns, the New York Times reports.

Medfield has a big composting operation behind the Transfer Station.

Mulching leaves has worked well for me since getting the mulching mower two years ago, plus its way easier and faster for me to boot.  I have also stopped using chemicals on the lawn, except to kill the grubs when they appear, and the lawn seems to have adjusted to its new chemical and fertilizer free regime.

Angel Run – help the MFi help Medfield families in need


Sunday, December 8th is the date of the 2013 Angel Run. While the Medfield Foundation has taken over running the Angel Run, it still benefits families in need. If you’ve never been, it’s a great event, and if you have attended, then you know how much fun it is.

Laura Mills- Smith is running the Angel Run Party this year and is in need of bakers to share a favorite treat to help make the party happen. If you could volunteer to make a couple dozen of one of your family’s favorites, it would be wonderful! Treats should be wrapped in individual servings (Plastic wrap or Baggies), and no nuts please (per the Board of Health).

You can bring your goodies to the Wheelock cafeteria on Sunday, December 8th starting at 11:30. If you won’t be able to be at the Run on Sunday, but still like to bake, you can deliver your item on Friday or Saturday to Laura, at 102 Elm Street (house is on the corner of Philip and Elm- driveway on Philip). There will be a cooler on her screened in porch if she’s not home. Please tuck a slip of paper in with your goodies that includes your name and what you baked.

You can confirm that you will bake by contacting Laura at or 359-0161. She will be able to answer any questions you may have. (If you’ve already received a request to bake, we’re sorry!)

Thank you for helping to make the Angel Run a success.

Art Box update

From Jean Mineo

As an update, we were only able to install 2 of the 4 sides of the first Art Box today – the temperature was just too cold for the materials and it makes the vinyl brittle so it cracks and rips. I am working on a way to set up a tent and heaters for a few hours to finish it before long and just wanted to ask you to reassure people who may ask you about it that it is NOT complete, but will be soon. There was SO much interest from people on the street today, everyone who walked by stopped to talk about it. ACD Pest Control has since emailed to ask if they can sponsor a box (YES!)….

Here’s the link to the information on the Medfield Historical Society about Monks and the images:

Many thanks,


BoA agenda for 11/26

Tuesday November 26,2013 @ 7:00 PM
7:00 PM Tax Classification Hearing
Board of Assessors, Frank Perry Chairman
7: 15 PM FY 2015 Assessor’s proposed budget
Board of Assessors

Vote to sign Phase IV Special Project Designation Area & Power Plant Area Groundwater Remedy Implementation Plan to be mailed to DCAMM

Vote to sign Amendment No.1 for Town Garage Project

Town Administrator

November 21, 2013
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Division of Capital Asset Management
One Ashburton Place, lS’h Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Attention: Mr. Allen Wiggin

RE: Comments on DCAMM Submittal for Former Medfield State Hospital Draft Phase IV – SPD Area and Power Plant Area Groundwater Remedy Implementation Plan, November 2013
DEP RTN 2-3020799

To Whom it May Concern:

On November 7, 2013 DCAMM and Weston & Sampson presented their Draft Phase IV – Special
Project Designation Area & Power Plant Area Groundwater Remedy Implementation Plan.
Copies of this document were released to the Town for review. These reports were reviewed by
some members of the PIP Group, the State Hospital Environmental Review Committee (SHERe),
along with the Town’s consultants. The Town was given 20 days to review and comment on the
The following comments do not include a discussion of the petroleum issue related to the
Power Plant underground storage tanks, as this issue will be discussed at a future technical
meeting with DCAMM and the Town. In order to facilitate the discussions, draft comments on
the petroleum issue are being sent to DCAMM under separate cover.
We appreciate the opportunity to comment on these draft submittals.
Mark L. Fisher
Osler L. Peterson
Richard P. DeSorgher


Phase IV – SPD Area Groundwater RIP
1. We appreciate that the areas of highest concentration ofPCE are planned to undergo ISCO
remediation. What is the plan, natural attenuation or otherwise, for addressing wells within the
Potentially Productive Aquifer that have dissolved PCE above G W -I standards so that
permanent closure can be achieved (PP-MW-IOI, 102, 103, CD-MW-IOO, 101, etc)?
2. As acknowledged in Section 3.2.1 on page 3-1 of the RIP, the specific source locations ofPCE
in the groundwater (if they exist) have not been identified, and PCE has not been identified at
elevated concentrations in the soil suggesting a source area. The report should consider that the
sewer line from the Laundry building to the river could be a source area, such as in the area of
SPD-MW-50I near the Laundry building, near PP-MW-205 at the former power plant, and SPDMW-
508 and 506 near the river. The old sewer construction, which appears to be brick, may not
have been tight. If low levels of PCE still exist in soil around this piping, continued leaching may
result in continued rebound above GW-I standards in the groundwater.
Again, thank you for the opportunity to comment on these documents.
cc: Ms. Carole Cornelison, Commissioner, DCAM
Mr. John O’Donnell, PE, lSP, Deputy Director, DCAM
Ms. Sandra Duran, Director, DCAM
Mr. Mark Baldi, Section Chief, MassDEP Central Regional Office
Mr. Frank RiCCiardi, P.E., lSP, Weston & Sampson
Ms. Margaret Van Deusen, Deputy Director and General Counsel, CRWA
Mr. John Thompson, lSP, SHERC Chairman
Ms. Deborah Bero, Esq., Medfield Conservation Commission, SHERC
Nancy Benotti, Board of Health
Mr. Ralph Tella, lSP, SHERC
Mr. Cole Worthy, LSP, SHERC
Ms. Andrea Stiller, lSP, ADS
Dr. Cheryl Montgomery, US ACE – ERDC
Town of Medfield Repository, Public library

WHEREAS, the Town of Medfield (“Owner”) and Daedalus Projects, Inc. , (the “Owner’s Project
Manager”) (collectively, the “Parties”) entered into a Contract for Project Management Services for the
Medfield Department of Public Works on June 7, 2007 “Contract”; and WHEREAS, effective as of
May 3, 2013 , the Parties wish to amend the Contract: NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the
promises and the mutual covenants contained in this Amendment, and other good and valuable consideration, the
receipt and legal sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Parties, intending to be legally bound, hereby
agree as follows:
I. The Owner hereby authorizes the Owner’s Project Manager to perform services for the Design Development
Phase, the Construction Phases, and the Final Completion Phase of the Project, pursuant to the terms and
conditions set forth in the Contract, as amended.
2. For the performance of services required under the Contract, as amended, the Owner’s Project Manager shall
be compensated by the Owner in accordance with the following Fee for Basic Services:
Original Contract- 2007
Master Plan
DPW Demolition and Construction
DPW additional part time clerk
3. This Amendment contains all of the terms and conditions agreed upon by the Parties as amendments to the
original Contract. No other understandings or representations, oral or otherwise, regarding amendments to
the original Contract shall be deemed to exist or bind the Parties, and all other terms and conditions of the
Contract remain in full force and effect.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Owner, with the prior approval ofthe Authority, and the Owner’s Project Manager
have caused this Amendment to be executed by their respective authorized officers.
(print name)
(print title)
By ____ ~–~———————————– (signature)
Drue ________________________________________________ _
Richard Marks
(print name)
President ~

MCPE trivia raises $5,700

From: Kim Price

Sent: 11/22/2013 8:56AM
Subject: A Big MCPE Community Trivia Night Thank You!
Dear Trivia Team Captains,
Thank you so much for making our first-ever MCPE Community Trivia Night a tremendous success!  Your participation, energy, and commitment to our Medfield schools helped us raise approximately $5700 – bringing us closer to our $80K goal for the year.
We’ve made notes about how to improve the event in the future, and we’d also love to hear your suggestions as well.  Please feel free to forward your comments to me.
**One player accidentally took someone else’s brown leather jacket (male) from the coat rack.  Please let us know if you have it, and we can connect both of you to make the swap.**
Please pass our thanks to your teammates and have a wonderful holiday season!
All the best,
Kim Price and the MCPE Trivia Team
Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke
Katherine Girard
Julie Layden
Susan Maritan
Joy Moon
Mariah Stanton
Please pass along my thanks and congratulations to the Medfield Coalition for Public Education individuals who put on the trivia evening, for crafting and executing a wonderfully fun time.
Only suggestion from this quarter would be to lower the music volume next year, in consideration of those with harder of hearing ears due to too many loud rock concerts in college.

Santa photo op at Dwight-Derby House

From the Medfield Cultural District –

Dear Medfield Cultural District Steering Committee and Friends,

In the spirit of keeping everyone informed about upcoming cultural events, I wanted to let you know about Santa’s special appearance at the Dwight-Derby House to continue Medfield’s traditional annual “Free Santa Photo Op.”  He will arrive on Friday, December 6 immediately following MEMO’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and will leave for the North Pole at 9:30 pm. In conjunction with his visit The Dwight-Derby House Shoppe will be open on Friday, December 6, from 7pm to 9:30pm. It will also be open on Saturday, December 7, from 10 am to 3 pm.


I will be posting the event on the Medfield Cultural Council Events Calendar. Attached is an event flyer as a PDF and a jpg (for posting on Facebook). The press release  copy appears below and is attached.  We are hopeful that you will circulate the flyer and/or the press release to your various constituencies. Please contact Cheryl O’Malley with any questions.


Thanks very much. We hope to see you there!


Best regards,

Jo Ellen



Jo Ellen Collins



Press Release


Contact Information:

Cheryl O’Malley, President

Friends of the Dwight-Derby House

(508) 359-7264


Santa Claus is Coming To… The Dwight-Derby House for Free Photos



Medfield, MA – Yes, it’s true! Santa is making a special appearance at the Dwight-Derby House to continue Medfield’s traditional annual “Free Santa Photo Op.” He will arrive immediately following MEMO’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony in Baxter Park at 6:30 pm on Friday, December 6, which officially kicks off the holiday season in Medfield.


Santa will be available until 9:30 pm after which he will be heading back to the North Pole. Medfield photographer, Colleen Sullivan, will be taking the photos, so they will be of utmost professional quality—perfect for reproduction and gift giving. And she will email them to you—what could be easier? More good news?  When you arrive you will receive a number so you can browse and shop at the Dwight-Derby House Holiday Shoppe while you wait. No more standing in line.


The Holiday Shoppe, filled with fresh new merchandise and seasonal decorative items, will be open on Friday, December, 6, from 7 pm to 9:30 pm and Saturday, December 7, from 10 am to 3 pm. Handcrafted jewelry by Susan Gerow and Cheryl O’Malley will be available. Ribbon yarn scarfs and shawls by Susan McCarthy are back by popular demand. We have many new items created by Colleen Sullivan who has integrated her artistic photography into her designs. Do you have a bird lover in your family? We have the perfect gift for them—a handcrafted replica of their house transformed into a birdhouse. Come see it all. We have gift items for everyone on your holiday list.

Shop the treasure trove of delightful and creative gift items produced in our own community at prices that are sure to please. Bring a friend! We’re located at 7 Frairy Street in Medfield right behind Meeting House Pond.

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will your purchase delight someone special, but you will be supporting local artisans and the ongoing maintenance, preservation and development of the historic Dwight-Derby House.