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Art Box update

From Jean Mineo

As an update, we were only able to install 2 of the 4 sides of the first Art Box today – the temperature was just too cold for the materials and it makes the vinyl brittle so it cracks and rips. I am working on a way to set up a tent and heaters for a few hours to finish it before long and just wanted to ask you to reassure people who may ask you about it that it is NOT complete, but will be soon. There was SO much interest from people on the street today, everyone who walked by stopped to talk about it. ACD Pest Control has since emailed to ask if they can sponsor a box (YES!)….

Here’s the link to the information on the Medfield Historical Society about Monks and the images:

Many thanks,


BoA agenda for 11/26

Tuesday November 26,2013 @ 7:00 PM
7:00 PM Tax Classification Hearing
Board of Assessors, Frank Perry Chairman
7: 15 PM FY 2015 Assessor’s proposed budget
Board of Assessors

Vote to sign Phase IV Special Project Designation Area & Power Plant Area Groundwater Remedy Implementation Plan to be mailed to DCAMM

Vote to sign Amendment No.1 for Town Garage Project

Town Administrator

November 21, 2013
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Division of Capital Asset Management
One Ashburton Place, lS’h Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Attention: Mr. Allen Wiggin

RE: Comments on DCAMM Submittal for Former Medfield State Hospital Draft Phase IV – SPD Area and Power Plant Area Groundwater Remedy Implementation Plan, November 2013
DEP RTN 2-3020799

To Whom it May Concern:

On November 7, 2013 DCAMM and Weston & Sampson presented their Draft Phase IV – Special
Project Designation Area & Power Plant Area Groundwater Remedy Implementation Plan.
Copies of this document were released to the Town for review. These reports were reviewed by
some members of the PIP Group, the State Hospital Environmental Review Committee (SHERe),
along with the Town’s consultants. The Town was given 20 days to review and comment on the
The following comments do not include a discussion of the petroleum issue related to the
Power Plant underground storage tanks, as this issue will be discussed at a future technical
meeting with DCAMM and the Town. In order to facilitate the discussions, draft comments on
the petroleum issue are being sent to DCAMM under separate cover.
We appreciate the opportunity to comment on these draft submittals.
Mark L. Fisher
Osler L. Peterson
Richard P. DeSorgher


Phase IV – SPD Area Groundwater RIP
1. We appreciate that the areas of highest concentration ofPCE are planned to undergo ISCO
remediation. What is the plan, natural attenuation or otherwise, for addressing wells within the
Potentially Productive Aquifer that have dissolved PCE above G W -I standards so that
permanent closure can be achieved (PP-MW-IOI, 102, 103, CD-MW-IOO, 101, etc)?
2. As acknowledged in Section 3.2.1 on page 3-1 of the RIP, the specific source locations ofPCE
in the groundwater (if they exist) have not been identified, and PCE has not been identified at
elevated concentrations in the soil suggesting a source area. The report should consider that the
sewer line from the Laundry building to the river could be a source area, such as in the area of
SPD-MW-50I near the Laundry building, near PP-MW-205 at the former power plant, and SPDMW-
508 and 506 near the river. The old sewer construction, which appears to be brick, may not
have been tight. If low levels of PCE still exist in soil around this piping, continued leaching may
result in continued rebound above GW-I standards in the groundwater.
Again, thank you for the opportunity to comment on these documents.
cc: Ms. Carole Cornelison, Commissioner, DCAM
Mr. John O’Donnell, PE, lSP, Deputy Director, DCAM
Ms. Sandra Duran, Director, DCAM
Mr. Mark Baldi, Section Chief, MassDEP Central Regional Office
Mr. Frank RiCCiardi, P.E., lSP, Weston & Sampson
Ms. Margaret Van Deusen, Deputy Director and General Counsel, CRWA
Mr. John Thompson, lSP, SHERC Chairman
Ms. Deborah Bero, Esq., Medfield Conservation Commission, SHERC
Nancy Benotti, Board of Health
Mr. Ralph Tella, lSP, SHERC
Mr. Cole Worthy, LSP, SHERC
Ms. Andrea Stiller, lSP, ADS
Dr. Cheryl Montgomery, US ACE – ERDC
Town of Medfield Repository, Public library

WHEREAS, the Town of Medfield (“Owner”) and Daedalus Projects, Inc. , (the “Owner’s Project
Manager”) (collectively, the “Parties”) entered into a Contract for Project Management Services for the
Medfield Department of Public Works on June 7, 2007 “Contract”; and WHEREAS, effective as of
May 3, 2013 , the Parties wish to amend the Contract: NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the
promises and the mutual covenants contained in this Amendment, and other good and valuable consideration, the
receipt and legal sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Parties, intending to be legally bound, hereby
agree as follows:
I. The Owner hereby authorizes the Owner’s Project Manager to perform services for the Design Development
Phase, the Construction Phases, and the Final Completion Phase of the Project, pursuant to the terms and
conditions set forth in the Contract, as amended.
2. For the performance of services required under the Contract, as amended, the Owner’s Project Manager shall
be compensated by the Owner in accordance with the following Fee for Basic Services:
Original Contract- 2007
Master Plan
DPW Demolition and Construction
DPW additional part time clerk
3. This Amendment contains all of the terms and conditions agreed upon by the Parties as amendments to the
original Contract. No other understandings or representations, oral or otherwise, regarding amendments to
the original Contract shall be deemed to exist or bind the Parties, and all other terms and conditions of the
Contract remain in full force and effect.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Owner, with the prior approval ofthe Authority, and the Owner’s Project Manager
have caused this Amendment to be executed by their respective authorized officers.
(print name)
(print title)
By ____ ~–~———————————– (signature)
Drue ________________________________________________ _
Richard Marks
(print name)
President ~

MCPE trivia raises $5,700

From: Kim Price

Sent: 11/22/2013 8:56AM
Subject: A Big MCPE Community Trivia Night Thank You!
Dear Trivia Team Captains,
Thank you so much for making our first-ever MCPE Community Trivia Night a tremendous success!  Your participation, energy, and commitment to our Medfield schools helped us raise approximately $5700 – bringing us closer to our $80K goal for the year.
We’ve made notes about how to improve the event in the future, and we’d also love to hear your suggestions as well.  Please feel free to forward your comments to me.
**One player accidentally took someone else’s brown leather jacket (male) from the coat rack.  Please let us know if you have it, and we can connect both of you to make the swap.**
Please pass our thanks to your teammates and have a wonderful holiday season!
All the best,
Kim Price and the MCPE Trivia Team
Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke
Katherine Girard
Julie Layden
Susan Maritan
Joy Moon
Mariah Stanton
Please pass along my thanks and congratulations to the Medfield Coalition for Public Education individuals who put on the trivia evening, for crafting and executing a wonderfully fun time.
Only suggestion from this quarter would be to lower the music volume next year, in consideration of those with harder of hearing ears due to too many loud rock concerts in college.

Santa photo op at Dwight-Derby House

From the Medfield Cultural District –

Dear Medfield Cultural District Steering Committee and Friends,

In the spirit of keeping everyone informed about upcoming cultural events, I wanted to let you know about Santa’s special appearance at the Dwight-Derby House to continue Medfield’s traditional annual “Free Santa Photo Op.”  He will arrive on Friday, December 6 immediately following MEMO’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and will leave for the North Pole at 9:30 pm. In conjunction with his visit The Dwight-Derby House Shoppe will be open on Friday, December 6, from 7pm to 9:30pm. It will also be open on Saturday, December 7, from 10 am to 3 pm.


I will be posting the event on the Medfield Cultural Council Events Calendar. Attached is an event flyer as a PDF and a jpg (for posting on Facebook). The press release  copy appears below and is attached.  We are hopeful that you will circulate the flyer and/or the press release to your various constituencies. Please contact Cheryl O’Malley with any questions.


Thanks very much. We hope to see you there!


Best regards,

Jo Ellen



Jo Ellen Collins



Press Release


Contact Information:

Cheryl O’Malley, President

Friends of the Dwight-Derby House

(508) 359-7264


Santa Claus is Coming To… The Dwight-Derby House for Free Photos



Medfield, MA – Yes, it’s true! Santa is making a special appearance at the Dwight-Derby House to continue Medfield’s traditional annual “Free Santa Photo Op.” He will arrive immediately following MEMO’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony in Baxter Park at 6:30 pm on Friday, December 6, which officially kicks off the holiday season in Medfield.


Santa will be available until 9:30 pm after which he will be heading back to the North Pole. Medfield photographer, Colleen Sullivan, will be taking the photos, so they will be of utmost professional quality—perfect for reproduction and gift giving. And she will email them to you—what could be easier? More good news?  When you arrive you will receive a number so you can browse and shop at the Dwight-Derby House Holiday Shoppe while you wait. No more standing in line.


The Holiday Shoppe, filled with fresh new merchandise and seasonal decorative items, will be open on Friday, December, 6, from 7 pm to 9:30 pm and Saturday, December 7, from 10 am to 3 pm. Handcrafted jewelry by Susan Gerow and Cheryl O’Malley will be available. Ribbon yarn scarfs and shawls by Susan McCarthy are back by popular demand. We have many new items created by Colleen Sullivan who has integrated her artistic photography into her designs. Do you have a bird lover in your family? We have the perfect gift for them—a handcrafted replica of their house transformed into a birdhouse. Come see it all. We have gift items for everyone on your holiday list.

Shop the treasure trove of delightful and creative gift items produced in our own community at prices that are sure to please. Bring a friend! We’re located at 7 Frairy Street in Medfield right behind Meeting House Pond.

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will your purchase delight someone special, but you will be supporting local artisans and the ongoing maintenance, preservation and development of the historic Dwight-Derby House.

Auto excise taxes

This information from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue newsletter.  Medfield got about $1.8m. from auto excise taxes in the most recent year –

What’s Happening with the Motor Vehicle Excise?
Municipal Data Management and Technical Assistance Bureau

With all of the recent discussion around transportation funding, we thought it would be an opportune time to review the role of the motor vehicle excise (MVE) in municipal finance. In the analysis that follows, we examine the recent performance of this local receipt in terms of both budget estimates and actual collections and discuss some of the underlying reasons for recent trends. We evaluate whether lackluster performance of the MVE foreshadows a long-term trend where this revenue source continues to decline in prominence or whether recent declines are the natural result of the recession and will rebound as the economy improves.

Pursuant to MGL c.60A, the motor vehicle excise is imposed for the privilege of registering a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. Although most people view Proposition 2 1/2 as a limit on property taxes, the initiative petition approved by Massachusetts voters in 1980 also lowered the motor vehicle excise rate from $66 per thousand to the current $25 per thousand rate. The amount of the excise is calculated by multiplying the value of the vehicle by this $25 per thousand tax rate. The valuation for a particular vehicle starts with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price rather than the actual sale price and then this value is multiplied by the percentage in the statutory depreciation schedule shown below: 

In the year preceding the year of manufacture: 50%

In the year of manufacture: 90%

In the second year: 60%

In the third year: 40%

In the fourth year: 25%

In the fifth and succeeding years: 10%

It isn’t hard to see a potential problem with this depreciation schedule as the valuation decreases sharply from 90 percent in the first year to 60 percent in the second year. In order for the MVE to be a steady, reliable revenue source for municipalities, new cars must be purchased at a rate at least roughly as great as the year before. When this doesn’t happen, revenues from MVE decline and become a less significant factor in local budgets. To illustrate, though MVE revenue contributed 3.44 percent of total estimated municipal revenues statewide in FY2003, by FY2013 this revenue had become less important dropping to 2.59 percent as a percent of total estimated revenues.

Although the MVE may be declining as a revenue source, it still comes with a significant workload at the local level. For example, most municipalities annually issue approximately one MVE bill per resident. Of the state’s 351 communities, 221 issued at least one bill per resident, with the island community of Chilmark being the only community in the state to issue two bills for every resident. The other towns on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket follow closely behind Chilmark in this ranking. Other communities high on the list tend to be on Cape Cod or in the Berkshires. In these locations, numerous vacation homes where vehicles may be garaged tend to drive up the bill numbers. In the majority of the state’s largest cities, where parking may be limited and public transit is a viable option, the number of bills issued may be as low as five or six bills for every ten residents.

Next, we look at the data on estimated and actual MVE from FY2003 through FY2013 (See chart below). Noteworthy is the fact that the FY2013 estimated receipts from MVE totaled $605.9 million statewide, yet this level still lagged previous estimated totals from this source used in setting tax rates from FY2005 through FY2009. Actual motor vehicle excise collections over the ten year period from FY2003 through FY2012, peaked in FY2006 at $694.3 million, but by FY2010 actual revenue from this source statewide had decreased to $605.2 million. Compared to the FY2006 peak, this was a decrease of close to $90 million or 12.8 percent and was the low point for the ten year period. Revenues gradually rebounded in subsequent years, hitting $637.1 million in FY2011 and $644.5 million by FY2012. Despite this growth, actual FY2012 revenues did not match the peak performance of this receipt between FY2005 and FY2008 in 338 of the state’s 351 communities. (See spreadsheet for detail)

Although common sense dictates that people will defer large purchases such as motor vehicles when the economy is poor, a review of the average age of motor vehicles offers empirical support for this axiom. A review of data from the Registry of Motor Vehicles reveals that the state average vehicle age in calendar 2003 was only 8.13 years, though by calendar 2011 this average had risen to 11.18 years, an increase of more than three years. 

  Year         Average Vehicle Age
FY2003                8.13
FY2004                8.43
FY2005                8.65
FY2006                8.87
FY2007                9.80
FY2008               10.09
FY2009                9.89
FY2010               10.30
FY2011               11.18
FY2012               10.03

These findings are reflected in national markets as well. According to automotive market research firm R. L. Polk, the average age of all passenger cars and light trucks in the United States reached an all-time high in 2013 of 11.4 years.(1) Polk projected this trend will continue for the next few year, but forecast growth for vehicles that were zero to five years old, in part reflective of pent-up demand for new vehicles given the decline in new vehicle registrations over the past five years. When assessed in the context of the depreciation table shown earlier, the increasing average age of vehicles highlights an underlying issue that may impact the future performance of MVE revenues.

Though the economic recession that began in the fall of 2008 explains some consumer reluctance to replace their vehicles, are there other influences at work here as well? One factor is that vehicles actually last longer now than they did in say the 1960s and 1970s. It was not uncommon for the bodies of cars of this vintage to “rust out,” often well before mechanical systems failed. Now, with better undercoating and anti-corrosive protection, this seems to happen much less frequently even with the high use of road salt during New England winters. Environmental regulations around emissions have also forced automakers to “reduce the amount of oil being used by the engine to reduce the oil that reaches the catalytic converter.” At the same time, materials used in engines now frequently use extremely hard “carbon finishes” to minimize wear on engine parts.(2) Given that the average age of vehicles has been trending up since 2000, well before the recession began, indications are that longer lasting vehicles are likely a contributing factor to this trend as well.

Recent national sales reports signal that August 2013 was a very strong month for auto sales. When these sales are projected on a seasonally adjusted annualized basis, new auto sales in 2013 are expected to come close to or equal the pre-recession 2007 level. (3) While this is promising news, it’s too early to tell if this represents a one-time event reflective of low interest rates for new cars and pent up demand left over from the recession years or if it reflects a more sustainable trend for future years.


Although the MVE is considered a general fund revenue that may be spent for any lawful municipal purpose, it isn’t hard to make a connection between this revenue source and local transportation needs. However, analysis shows that the MVE is not a recession proof local receipt and that underlying market factors such as longer lasting vehicles may limit future growth of this revenue given the current depreciation schedule. While the MVE is often viewed by assessors, tax collectors and taxpayers alike as a nuisance, reconsideration of the depreciation scale set out in the statute may be in order. Recognizing that recently manufactured vehicles are more durable and have longer useful lives, a more gradual depreciation of the valuation would strengthen the long-term outlook for this revenue.

1.) R. L. Polk and Co., “Polk finds Average Age of Light Vehicles Continues to Rise,” August 6, 2013
2.) Dexter Ford, “As Cars Are Kept Longer, 200,000 Is New 100,000,” New York Times, March 16, 2013
3.) Angelo Young, “August 2013 US Auto Sales: Detroit Three Sold 662,669 Vehicles in US Last Month”, International Business Times, September 4, 2013

Deer hunt

At the Lyme Disease Study Committee meeting last night it was shared that we are at the height of the annual rut, when the deer are moving around more than any other time of year looking to mate, so be especially careful when driving this week.

Also –

  • 21 deer culled so far in first month of the hunt this year with more than a month to go, versus 29 in each of the last 2 years
  • lots of illegal hunting is happening in town, which the town hunters monitor, control, and end
  • only female ticks carry Lyme Disease; only half the female ticks carry Lyme Disease; only a fifth of the nymphs carry Lyme Disease
  • tick bites tend to effect the person for about a month
  • deer vehicle collisions average between 30-50 per year in town

Mini-town hall

I held a mini-town hall meeting last Wednesday evening in the Belknap estates section of town, thanks to the gracious hosting at their home by Mary McCarthy and Howie Richman.

I started by updating people about the Medfield State Hospital and I then attempted to vocalize my thoughts about my plan to make Town of Medfield governing process as formalized as possible, but we quickly turned to the questions, of which there were many.  It was a great evening for me, with great people, and wonderful hosts.  Medfield is lucky to have such interested, dedicated and involved residents.

This came in a follow up email from Charlie Glew –

Sandy and I found you to be an excellent listener and very candid
within the limits of your role as a public official. The meeting exceeded our expectations in all respects.

BoS minutes for 10/1 & 10/5

Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2013
Chenery Meeting Room
PERESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, DeSorgher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistance Clarke
The meeting convened at 7:00 PM.
Chairman Fisher announced this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of
appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan.
Representative Garlick opened her discussion by saying that we are all sorry to hear that
Representative Dan Winslow is resigning. I would like to take the opportunity to commend Dan
for his diligent work the past few years. I feel that Senator Timilty, Representative Winslow and
I have made a good team these past few years along with a great staff to work with the people
of Medfield.
Representative Garlick said that Senator Timilty has been a great partner to work with on the
state hospital issue. We try to be cognizant of what the Town needs and how to move forward.
Timilty has been the leader on legislation revolving around the hospital to help make it pass.
They have had recent talks with MASS Historical commission whose opinion about the Odyssey
House differs from the Town as the Town does not feel it should be preserved. Mr. Peterson
brought up the subject of the water tower and the well fields as that will come before the
Special Town Meeting vote next Monday October 7. Timilty said that if it is approved at the
meeting the legislation should not take very long with all the local support and DCAMM’s
approval. Mr. DeSorgher pointed out that we hope the state will do their part to revitalize the
memorial honoring two WW1 veterans from the state hospital. It is really embarrassing how
bad the area has become. Timilty assured that it will be taken care of. DeSorgher thanked him
for his involvement with Medfield State Hospital.
Another subject is Lyme disease being a real concern in Medfield. Right now bow hunters are
to keep 500 feet away from any house dwelling. Is there any possibility that a law would pass
to decrease to 150 feet. Response was that it’s hard to predict at the moment. Timilty said
that he is aware that Medfield is outstanding in the pursuit to eliminate Lyme disease.
Selectman Peterson said that the issue of not knowing the figures of reimbursements from the
state does not leave the Town much time to plan our budgets for town meeting. Both reps
agree that it can be frustrating for you, however we cannot make budget projections on money
that we don’t have. Timilty also responded by saying that the Towns we represent are not seen
as needy but I consistently try to make it known that it is necessary to keep them strong.
October 1, 2013
Page two
The Selectmen thanked Senator Timilty and Representative Garlic for all the time you give to
Bob Swanson, one of the volunteers at the SWAP area is the spokesperson this evening. He
said that the SWAP area lends itself to a large amount of recycling thereby saving the Town
money on removing tonnage. We are looking for a seasonal structure to store some of the
better items like couches or dinette sets to protect these items from the weather. Sometimes
these are left over and we really do not want to put them in the trash as there still maybe
people looking for them at the next swap day. We do not intend to become a thrift store but it
a shelter would allow people to browse during the coming weeks. DeSorgher suggested that Tri
County be contacted to see ifthey may be interested in building a temporary structure to which
Swanson replied that it has to be temporary such as a carport as the Town needs access during
the winter for snow storage. Selectmen agree that a temporary shelter should be put up.
Swanson went on to say that we do need more volunteers. Interested people should call Nancy
Irwin volunteer coordinator for more information.
Superintendent Feeney requests the Selectmen vote to award the Joint Salt Bid to Eastern
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to award the
2013-2014 Joint Salt Bid to Eastern Minerals, low bidder, in the amount of Solar
$47.20/del and CC $47.20/del and as recommended by Superintendent Feeney.
Vote was unanimous
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to call
a Special Town Election for October 21, 2013 and to sign the October 21, 2013
Special Town Election Warrant pertaining to Proposition 2 Yz Debt Exclusion Question
regarding the purchase of Red Gate Farm, Philip Street. Vote was unanimous
Mr. Peterson remarked that he supports the purchase of Red Gate Farm consisting of
approximately 31 acres. The town has the right offirst refusal and the price of $1.4 million is
exceedingly advantageous. It was noted that walking this land through the trails will lead to
Bubbling Brook in Walpole.
Mr. DeSorgher supports the purchase of Red Gate Farm.
October 1, 2013
Page three
Mr. Fisher said that we are all in agreement to support the purchase ofthis property which will
allow us to preserve the open space.
Articles 1 is seeking the Selectmen to petition for legislation to transfer to the Town the
hospital water tower and the tubular well-field for no or nominal consideration and Article 2
relates to conducting preliminary design and get cost estimates for a new state hospital water
tower. The Board supports these articles.
Chairman Fisher announced to the listening audience to please attend Town Meeting on
October i h as it is very important to the Town to be sure to pass these important articles. We
need a quorum of 250 and a 2/3 vote in favor of the purchase of Red Gate Farm. The next step
for the land purchase should it pass town meeting vote will be the Special Election.
The Board of Health requests the Selectmen vote to appoint Jennifer Polinski as a member.
Her work history and education support her qualifications to serve on the board.
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to appoint
Jennifer M. Polinski as a member ofthe Board of Health. Vote was unanimous
VOTED unanimously to approve the September 17, 2013 meeting minutes with revision
The United Nations Association of Greater Boston requests Medfield recognize October 24,
2013 as United Nations Day. The Selectmen agreed to proclaim the date, however, no
proclamation be issued.
Ms. Trierweiler remarked that a new house is under construction at 94 Elm Street and the
owners Eugene and Julianne Inozemcev request permission to place a pole to supply the
electricity to the house on town owned property. The owners wrote in their letter that should
the town need to move the pole in the future, they agree to pay any expense. Ms. Trierweiler
suggests that the letter be recorded at the Registry. The Selectmen support the request.
Selectmen Fisher and DeSorgher voted to grant permission to the Medfield Foundation to
post signs promoting the 8th Annual angel run to take place on Sunday December 8,2013.
Signs in place three weeks prior to the event
October 1, 2013
Page four
As a member of the MFi Selectman Peterson recused from the vote
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Public Library to set up a
Storywalk along the path leading to the Library, October 4 through November 1, 2013
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the High School Field Hockey Team to hold a
fundraising car wash behind Town Hall Saturday October 19, 2013 10 AM to 1 PM
Ms. Trierweiler announced that the next joint coordination meeting will be held on October 21
In Town Hall with John O’Donnell attending. She also announced that the towns of Dover and
Millis will attend the meeting at the Dwight”Derby House this Thursday October 3 at which time
Mr. DeSorgher will present an update on the status of the hospital site.
Mr. Sullivan remarked that the MMA Fall Conference for Selectmen will take place this Saturday
October 5 at Tri-County High School.
Mr. Peterson attended the recent Safety Committee meeting and learned that the Police chief
is recommending stop signs installed in a few locations. He went on to say that the town of
Dover will not have an article on their town meeting warrant regarding the proposed rail trail.
The town is not interested and did not accept any money toward the project. He commends
the Grist Mill Committee on doing a great job with the new mill installation and it was a terrific
Mr. DeSorgher said that he had talked with people at the MHS Alumni booth at Medfield Day
and then went on to Medway’s 300’h Anniversary Celebration Parade that was fantastic with 20
bands and Clysdale Horses. He queried Kristine about the Tree city application to which she
answered that it will be mailed in January. He would like Attorney Cerel to come to a meeting
to discuss the bylaws that pertain to the hospital as Cerel had offered his assistance.
On his walks around town Mr. DeSorgher made note of the following: at 10 Marlyn Road the
sidewalk is dug up and boards were put across; Valley Road sign missing at Birch Road;
Millbrookto Philip intersecting with Foundry several trees have blue ribbons; there is a sink
hole on Harding Street at Longmeadow Road; appears to be a water leak at a valve on Pleasant
Street near Medfield Gardens. Mr. DeSorgher said that he received a telephone call from a
fellow that wants to have the Transfer Station Wednesday hours extended to 7 PM all year long
as he has difficulty getting there by 4 PM. Ms. Trierweiler responded that it would mean
personnel working overtime and keep in mind that during the summer at 7 it is still light, in the
October 1, 2013
Page five
winter it will be dark so it could be a safety issue. CVS has a new plan to widen the
entrance/exit at route 27 which they will present to the Planning Board.
Selectman DeSorgher was the first selectman to attend a Mini Town Hall Neighborhood
Meeting, this one in the Stuart Street neighborhood. It was held at the home of Mike and
Caroline Quinlan. He said that the discussion revolved around the following items; Flynn’s Pond,
is it Town owned and will the roots/algae be cleared away; the neighbors would like to see
extra police patrols particularly near the cui de sac in the summer; on Butterfield Lane seems to
attract teenagers who come to party; neighbors queried if town sewer could be extended into
their area; the island at the entrance to Pondview needs clearing and mowing (is this something
DPW will do). Mr. Sullivan responded that an association was setup when the development
was planned and he believes one ofthe stipulations was to maintain the island. He will have
Sarah research the decision for that neighborhood. Mr. DeSorgher said that the October
meeting will take place in the Indian Hill neighborhood with Mr. Fisher attending. The
Committee to Study Memorials is planning to dedicate the area of Snyder Road and Lee Road to
two Medfield veterans, Earl Lee, World War II and George Snyder who served in the Korean
War. A forum on substance abuse and prescription drugs was held at the Endicott House in
Dedham. Chief Bob Meaney and Outreach Worker Dawn Alcott attended. Roche Bros made a
presentation oftheir proposed plan to the Downtown Study Committee and the Historic
District Committee. Father Owens a priest for 50 years will be leaving St. Edwards in June. He
will be greatly missed. St Edwards will combine with Norfolk’s St Jude to serve the community.
Mr. Fisher said that we had a great Medfield Day, very good attendance and perfect weather.
Many organizations had their own tents and Town Planner Sarah Raposa did a good job setting
up her area to give people an opportunity to talk about the state hospital. The Woodland
Theatre performed at Medfield Day. It’s phenomenal the quality oftalent within that group.
Congratulations to Zullo Gallery as they celebrate 25 years. I want to mention how Very
important it is for residents to come to the October 7 Special town Meeting, important for the
residents and important for the Town. A 2/3 vote is necessary for the purchase of Red Gate
Farm and then a majority at the special election on Monday October 21.
A special election to replace Rep. Dan Winslow will be held on January 7, 2014; the primary will
be on December 10. As Rep. Winslow’s district covered only two of our four precincts, the
election in Medfield requires only precincts three and four to vote.
The Selectmen received a thank you note from summer intern Kyle Andrulonis.
The warrant Committee will meet Sunday October 6 to review the warrant articles.
The new Town Garage is really coming along; paving was completed today. The building fits
into the site just great. DPW did an outstanding job with the site work.
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM
Meeting Minutes
October 15, 2013 draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, DeSorgher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town
Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke
The meeting convened at 7:00 PM in the Chenery Meeting Room.
Chairman Fisher announced the meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of
appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan.
Chairman Tim Bonfatti remarked that we were fortunate to have Bob Maguire as
Superintendent of Schools for the past 14 years. He gave us incredible service. We are now
happy and excited to have Jeffrey Marsden with us.
Superintendent Marsden opened his remarks by saying that he is impressed with the great
pride Medfield takes in their schools as shown by the recent very well attended open house
school nights. I am pleased to see the good accord between school principles. I want to thank
everyone especially Chief Meaney and Chief Kingsbury for their support in my transition to
Medfield. We opened this new school year with 2,625 students, down 85 from prior year and
we have 18 more kindergarteners than anticipated, 156 total. As part of our compliance with
state standard initiatives we are implementing a new system for teacher evaluations; classroom
observations up to ten times per year. This will be helpful seeing how the teaching staff put
their professional practices in place and also learn their goals for students. Teacher quality is
one of our main focus pOints. This year a new program began BYOD (bring your own device) to
school to help increase student learning. Parents gave tremendous support to the program
purchasing the particular device for their student.
Selectman Peterson commented that with the lower enrollment perhaps there will be less
spending which could help lower taxes. Selectman DeSorgher commented that one of our
goals is to work with the school department to assure that we maintain a high quality of
education and high quality town services. We have implanted a Good Neighbor Policy;
whenever work or change will occur in a neighborhood make contact with the residents to let
them know what is being planned. I hope you will participate by informing parents even if the
work is being done inside the school. He continued saying that as a teacher he feels civic
education is being pushed aside; the more civic education a student receives the better
Selectman Fisher said that we will work hard together. The Selectmen are an advisory board,
however, the more we work together the high quality of education will be maintained. The
Selectmen thanked Superintendent Marsden and Chairman Time Bonfatti for attending this
evening and offered that joint meetings will be welcomed.
October 15, 2013
Page two
Chief Meaney said that he has had several requests for new stop signs at several intersections.
In his opinion he feels that the signs need to be installed. The locations are, Erik Road and
Partridge (both sides of Erik), Rocky Lane at Granite Street, West Mill at West Street and West
Mill at Harding Street. On a motion made and seconded it was
VOTED unanimously to change the traffic rules and orders to reflect the installation of
new stops signs, locations noted above
Chief Meaney remarked that high school junior Danielle Miano is in the audience and would
like to let you know about a plan for a fundraising event that she has discussed with me.
Danielle then explained that she would like to hold a “walk for warriors”. The plan is to conduct
a 2.4 mile walk the weekend before Thanksgiving in the area from the high school through to
Philip and Foundry Streets and back to the high school. She plans to use the money raised to fill
and send gift boxes to our servicemen and women; monies left over will be donated to
wounded service men, our warriors. Mr. DeSorgher remarked that I salute you for your efforts;
Selectmen Fisher and Peterson agreed it is a very worthwhile event. Mr. Sullivan added that
perhaps Danielle should be in touch with our Veterans’ Agent Ron Griffin for his assistance.
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to
grant permission for a 2.4 mile Walk for Warriors. Vote was unanimous
Mr. DeSorgher is concerned with vehicles that park on both sides of Upham Road which then
gives little space for other vehicles to travel the road. Chief Meaney responded that yes it’s
difficult to get through and most of the vehicles belong to the staff at the Upham House. A
thought as to how to make a correction is that perhaps the Dwight Derby House would allow
four to six cars to use their parking area, particularly because they don’t usually use the area
during the day. This may help to alleviate the parking issues. Mr. DeSorgher thought that
making Upham a one-way street will help; Meaney replied all that does is shift traffic to
another street. DeSorgher suggested the Chieftalk with Cheryl O’Malley about parking at the
Dwight-Derby House.
Mr. DeSorgher queried how are we prepared in the event of any disaster. Chief Meaney replied
that about five years ago the Board of Health put together a plan to handle a situation.
Police, Fire and Schools continue to hold meetings to discuss how to take care of issues. The
Chief continued that town is part of the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council so that in an
event he has lots of resources to draw upon. Times have definitely changed regarding power
outages. Years back the electric company would have at least two of their trucks standing by to
October 15, 2013
Page three
help and it would be the employees time after time familiar with the locations of streets in
Medfield. Recently that is not the case. We have to call for assistance with outages and
workers are then dispatched to the area and they can be from just about anywhere, so no
institutional knowledge. We then have to give directions not only about the situation but
telling them where to go. Nstar employees are only dispatched by Nstar. If anyone goes to an
area unauthorized they could be laid off from their job. The Selectmen thanked Chief Meaney
for all his input.
Mr. Sullivan said that it is necessary for the Selectmen to vote to award the renewal contracts
for the retiree Medicare health plans. The Insurance Advisory Committee recommends the
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to
Award renewal contracts effective January 1, 2014 to MilA / Medex 2 and Blue
Medicare Rx and Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO Rx Plan and as recommended by
the Insurance Advisory Committee
Chairman Jean Mineo requests the Selectmen vote to accept the Disclosure by Special
Municipal Employee of Financial Interest in a Municipal Contract. This involves herself and
cultural Council members, Diane Borrelli, Steve Catanese, Susan Parker, William Pope and
Isabelle Wood and pertains to grant applications. On a motion made and seconded it was so
Selectman Peterson feels that a committee should be appointed to establish guidelines for the
proposed Pocket Park located on North Street adjacent to Zebra’s Bistro. Jean Mineo reported
that the Kiosk setup on Medfield Day in that area attracted about 150 written comments from
residents and neighbors for the park. A steering committee comprised of members to include
the Downtown Study, Park and Rec, Cultural District would draft a plan and hopefully carry it
through to implementation. Selectman Peterson requests that Jean Mineo be appointed as
acting chairman to organize the committee and it was so voted.
Ms. Trierweiler let the Board know that she has received a resignation letter from Downtown
Study Committee Chairman Brandi Erb.
VOTED: On a motion made by Selectman Peterson, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher it was
voted to accept the resignation of Brandi Erb with deep regret
October 15, 2013
Page four
VOTED unanimously to grant Medfield Youth Soccer permission to post sandwich board
signs November 2 through November 16 advertising upcoming soccer registration
VOTED unanimously to grant Boy Scout Troop 89 permission to post a sign at the Transfer
Station announcing the 18th annual Christmas Tree Pickup and recycling Program
VOTED unanimously to grant Medfield Coalition for Public education a one-day wine and
malt beverage permit for Community Trivia Night to be held Friday November 15
Ms. Trierweiler reported to the Board the joint Mediation Committee will hold a meeting on
October 21, 2013 at 11:00 AM here in Town Hall
Mr. Peterson reported that MCAP will move forward with plans to do fundraising;
unfortunately the town did not receive the grant. Drug Take-back Day will take place on
October 2610AM – 2 PM at the Police Station. He continued that he attended the October 5
Selectmen Conference held at Tri-County listening to interesting sessions; in particular one on
sustainable water management.
Mr. DeSorgher remarked that a recent Committee to Study Memorials it was announced that
the dedication of streets to Earl Lee and George Snyder will take place on the Saturday before
Veterans Day. He is happy to announce that CVS has the Planning Board’s go ahead to correct
the entrance / exit at Route 27. Recently I met with John Harney and Bill Massaro and Millis
Selectman Charles Vecchi and Dover Selectman James Dawley atthe Dwight derby House to
discuss and bring the Selectmen up to date on the status of the Medfield State Hospital site.
Also about 100 people showed up for a walking tour of the site that Mike Taylor organized. He
continued that Nstar worked to remove some ofthe double poles, poles without other utility
wires. As I would like to see all double poles removed, a meeting with Nstar, Comcast and
Verizon will take place on Tuesday October 22 at 10 AM to form a plan for the removal. Also
thank you to the Highway Department for painting the guard rail on Elm Street and clearing the
path at the Scribner property to the hospital grounds. It was seriously overgrown with brush.
Mr. DeSorgher wishes to review Selectmen’s goals at the November 5 or the 19th meeting.
Mr. Fisher thanked Brandi Erb for her many years of service on the Downtown Study
Committee. She gave a tremendous amount of her time and talents to move forward with
downtown initiatives. The Special Election concerning the purchase of Red Gate farm will be
held this Monday October 21, 2013 6 AM to 8 PM at the CENTER. Please come and vote on this
very important issue. He continued his report saying that at the recent MEMO meeting it was
October 15, 2013
Page five
good to see new faces; I will be at the mini town hall meeting this Thursday at the home of
Connie and Roger Sweeney, and the Woodland Theatre production of Les Miserables was just
stunning and happy to see it was very well attended.
On a motion made by Selectman Peterson, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher the meeting
adjourned at 8:50 PM.

MCPE to BoS – “losers!”

The Medfield Coalition for Public Education proved last Friday night that the town administration is a bunch of losers, as the town house team lost the MCPE’s trivia night contest at The Center.

A sold out crowd of 48 teams of four competed in two preliminary rounds to qualify for the championship round, and the town house team was out in the prelims.  Town Administrator Mike Sullivan noted that while he and Selectman Mark Fisher felt that they held their own, and that the town house team was really bolstered by the strong presence of town planner, Sarah Raposa, but she was unable to make up for the trivia vacuum that was Selectman Peterson.

Judging from the number of participants and the wonderful food from local establishments, the evening was a success for the MCPE and the participants.

BoS agenda for 11/19

Tuesday November 19,2013 @7:00PM


Executive session at close of meeting to discuss acquisition of Kenny property and pending litigation and not reconvene in open session. Board of Selectmen needs to meet jointly with MSH Negotiation Committee in executive session for the purpose of discussing negotiations for the proposed purchase of the state hospital property and not reconvene in open session

7:15 PM Presentation of proposed plan for 353-355 Main Street, Clark Tavern John and Michelle Linnert

7:35 PM Historical Commission Co-Chairman David Temple
Present Preservation Award


Discuss Selectmen Goals

Vote to sign December 10, 20 13 Warrant for Special State Primary State Representative for Precincts 3 & 4

Applications received for the Open Space and Recreation Planning Committee from resident Jonathan Hinrichs and non-resident Eric O’Brien