On being a selectman

Summer is typically the slow season for town business and selectman’s work, and this summer has seen things slow down.

The Medfield State Hospital Redevelopment Committee has started to meet, and I have been to two of their meetings, as well as responding to their 7/17/12 memo to the Board of Selectmen with suggestions on what we should do to move their task forward.

Last night I attended the Medfield Energy Committee (MEC) meeting:

  • update on Sagewell’s thermal imaging (our house pics came this week, and were really interesting)
  • collaboration with Medfield Green – will attend the Farmer’s  Market 8/16/12
  • EEC Block Grant not received for the Waste Water Treatment Plant – however, DOER will send out a consultant to review the plant for possible energy saving opportunities
  • Tilden Village follow up – they installed new low flow toilets and new exterior doors, and MEC members will review with Jack Hurd heat saving opportunties
  • PV solar site visit – area behind Wheelock School, by the WWTP, and  Solarize Massachusetts  which is for homeowners in Green  Communities Act towns (we are not).  There was some discussion about whether we should become a GCA town.
  • the next MEC meeting was set for 7:30 PM on 8/8/12 at the Town House

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