MSH Redevelopment Committee

The MSH Redevelopment Committee penned a 7/17/12 memo to the Board of Selectmen with four suggestions for actions the selectmen should take right away:

  1. Request DCAM to perform updated building surveys on a representative selection of buildings at the Property, including a detailed analysis of hazardous materials remediation requirements and an analysis of the possibility of renovation in accordance with National Park Service rehabilitation standards applicable to historic properties.
  2. Provide to the Town a copy of the Comprehensive Reuse Study referred to in the recent Jones Lang LaSalle report entitled “Medfield State Hospital Market Analysis Report DRAFT” dated April 20, 2012.
  3. Provide to the Town an accounting of the costs that DCAM would like to recover in connection with a disposition of the Property.
  4. Explore with DCAM the possibility of granting the Town a transferable Option to purchase the Property within three years at a price to be agreed upon. The Committee recommends that the Town pay only a nominal price for the Option because there will be significant costs to the Town during the due diligence period, including costs to retain consultants to assist in the preparation of redevelopment standards and a request for proposals.

The SHRC circulated that letter yesterday afternoon, and neither Ann nor Mark had seen it when the Board of Selectmen met Tuesday, so the Board of Selectmen met again last night to act on the recommendation.  At last night’s meeting, the BOS voted to send the attached letter to Carole Cornelison, the DCAM Commissioner.  My addition to Mike’s draft of the letter was the part about reminding DCAM that they owed us the promised DCAM documents relating to sales of state owned properties to other towns.

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