On being a selectman

I attended the Lyme disease study committee meeting last night, and learned about their trip to Weston to assist that town getting started with a controlled hunt, the posting around town of tick warning signs donated by one of the hunters, and plans for the hunt this fall.  The Lyme disease study committee is really well run, and inspires a lot of confidence in me, just as the Water & Sewer Board and its consultant did last Thursday.

BTW, the biggest part of the $18 m. capital projects over 20 years for the water department was $2.7 m. for a new water tower at the Medfield State Hospital site.  There is a question of whether the rivets can stand to be sand blasted when it needs to be repainted.  Even if that Medfield State Hospital water tower can have its life extended by repairs, where it is at the wrong height in relation to the Mt. Nebo water tower (16′ too low), so it does not make sense to spend much money on it.

Next I caught the end of the Zoning Board of Appeals continued hearing on the Gatehouse 40B application for the West Street site.  From what I caught, last night appeared to be a presentation of the traffic study that the applicant had prepared.  Chief Meaney was presenting when I arrived.  Nice to see three of the town’s consultants (legal, planning, and traffic) in attendance – I got the sense that the town is getting really good advice, as I know that both Mark Bobrowski and Judy Barrett are top notch.  The Zoning Board of Appeals also selected its consulting architect last night.  The town has a financial consultant who will analyze the project, once it is finalized.  All consultants are being paid for by the applicant.  The ZBA set its next continued hearing date for July 23, and will take a site visit at a date to be determined.  The ZBA allowed anyone in attendance to ask questions last night.  The ZBA is handling what is a complicated process on an extremely detailed set of facts involving a controversial project in such a fair manner that it also inspires a lot of confidence in our town government.  Anyone who feels strongly about the project would be well served to attend and witness the fair and impartial process unfold.

I did not cross paths with my selectmen colleagues last night, as is often the case.

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