On being a selectman

Last Wednesday I went to Tilden Village for a flag raising, and then met for dinner with school personnel  and four visiting Chinese dignitaries at the Zullo Gallery, all arranged by Superintendent Maguire.  The dinner was an enjoyable time, despite the language barriers, even though there two individuals who were able to translate.  Bob had picked them up at the airport the night before, and dropped them off at their hotel, only to be kept out until 3 AM.  Bob mentioned that 500 Medfield students will be studying Mandarin next year.

Left dinner around 8 PM to attend the second half of the Energy Committee meeting.  Then at 8 AM Thursday the Energy Committee met to do a site visit to the town owned lands behind the Wheelock School as possible sites for a town owned solar photovoltaic array. There does appear to be lots of possible sites on the far side of the railroad tracks, up against the high tension wires.

Thursday evening I attended the Water & Sewer Board’s meeting where they considered their master plan.  $18 m. of water improvements needed over the next 20 years.  Left W&S to catch the last half of the Medfield Foundation meeting, where I learned that plans are well under way for the Angel Run.

Friday evening I attended the Girl Scouts Bridging Ceremony at the MHS auditorium.  Where there were so many happy girls, I know they are doing lots of things right.  There are something like 450 girl scouts in town, and the official from Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts announced that the numbers in Medfield are noticeably higher for those getting gold and other awards, and those participating.  I real tribute to the adult leadership.  The Bridging Ceremony ran like clock work.

We attended the Marimba concert at Blue Moon yesterday morning, and I felt so proud that our town has so much great music being performed.  Those kids were having a blast at making music.  Now I want to add some steel drums, which I have loved ever since seeing Black Orpheus in college.

Tonight its the Lyme disease study committee and the continued 40B hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals, and tomorrow the Board of Selectmen meet.

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