Governor likes idea of municipal power plants

Email about municipal power companies from John Nunnari –

Gov. Deval Patrick said Tuesday he likes the idea of municipally managed electric facilities that could compete with larger utility companies. “I love the idea of local and community-based utilities and if that requires an update in the legislation, I can’t imagine not supporting it,” he said, adding, “I obviously want to get into the details.” Patrick described the utilities’ response to an October snowstorm as a “calamity” and said he doesn’t believe prolonged outages that resulted were because of the utilities’ size. “I do think it depends … on what the level of consistent investment in the infrastructure has been. All the utilities had terrific plans … in place. For the first 48 hours, they were moving along at a pretty great clip. In the third day it just started to fall apart.”


Ps. Just as I was hitting send on this e-mail, the power went out for a ½ a second. I had to wait for the machine to reboot before I could finish hitting send. Would that meet the definition of irony???

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