SHERC Chair’s email to DEP’s Mark Baldi re DCAM claen up at MSH

On Saturday, November 19, I inspected the Medfield Sate Hospital grounds and have the following concerns:
1) There is a pile of concrete of more than 1500 cubic yards by the Salvage Yard (see attached picture). This concrete waste was accumulated as part of the RAM for the Salvage Yard, in fact, DCAM specifically includes concrete waste in the Salvage Yard RAM Plan, in addition to having filed a demolition permit with the Department of Public Safety.  If DCAM has filed an RAO for the Salvage Yard, please request immediately of DCAM that the RAO be retracted until such time that the RAM activities, including the solid waste (concrete) has been removed. It is the responsibility of the LSP, in certifying that response actions are complete with an RAO, that such wastes are removed, not “stockpiled on site”.  Creating enormous solid waste piles during response actions is not “outside” the MCP.  In addition, it appears that since I last visited the site, excavated manholes and concrete beehive structures have been added to this pile, and this raises a concern about what might be on the stained surfaced within these structures, now having been added to the pile. Please request of DCAM a schedule for removal of this concrete, I believe all of it will need to be crushed on site into smaller pieces because the pieces are of a size not acceptable to receiving facilities.  If crushing on site is required, please request that DCAM communicate with the town regarding same.


2) There are many broken windows at ground level at the Clarke building. These are a safety hazard as someone could enter through a broken window, or be injured trying to climb in. Many upper windows are also broken, but those at ground level pose the greatest risk and have not been addressed. This building is NOT secure at ground level.
3) There is a substantial accumulation of white lead paint chips and dust on steps of the male employees home (West Hall). The front area of this building should be taped off with lead hazard tape, until remedial efforts can be made on the entrance. See attached picture.
4) There is a broken lock on large sliding barn door of the stable building on its west side, allowing entrance, there is also a 55 gallon drum on its side in field opposite the stable/main garage building.
5) There is a large soil pile (greater than 1000 cy) with plastic sticking and out of it, in the paved area near the CCA area. Please ask DCAM to clarify what this soil is from and when will it be removed. I’m concerned that the plastic sticking out is the former liner to the CCA area buried soils. Please ask DCAM to provide sampling results for this soil pile.
6) There are large (over 100 cy) and growing piles of recent barn wastes at the Odyssey house. I have a concern that these barn wastes are a potential threat to stormwater runoff quality.  Please ask DCAM who at DCAM is responsible for allowing these wastes to be accumulated on site under the eyes of security.
I will call you after the holiday to follow up on these areas of concern.
John Thompson
Medfield State Hospital Environmental Review Committee

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