EEE found in Sherborn and Medway

I was informed yesterday by Mike Sullivan that a bird biting mosquito trapped in Sherborn tested positive for EEE two or three days ago.  An employee working in the state’s mosquito control area told Mike Sullivan yesterday that Medfield’s risk is still “low to remote” with respect to EEE.  The risk was low enough that Mike and the Chief, in consultation with the Board of Health chair, chose not to send out a reverse 911 call, given the potential for a reverse 911 call to  scare people more than they needed to be.

When I Googled the issue, I also saw reports of EEE mosquitoes  having been found in Medway.

I now know way more about EEE than 24 hours ago.  Apparently certain mosquitoes bite only birds and other mosquitoes  bite only mammals.  We are at “low to remote” risk because the EEE that was found was just in bird biting mosquitos at this time, and also where the Medfield mosquitos have not tested positive.  I am told that the state tests the Medfield mosquitos which it traps weekly at our transfer station.

While the risk is low, the injury from EEE is high.  The Wikipedia site says 30-35% of those infected die and survivors often have neurological damages.  The Massachusetts DPH materials say half of those infected in Massachusetts have died and “few people recover completely.”

Massachusetts DPH materials on mosquito repellents are at

Massachusetts DPH materials on EEE are at


EEE RISK RESPONSE MAP – from state email to Mike Sullivan today

“As per your conversation with John yesterday afternoon, he had asked that I forward this link

The link to the DPH shows you the map and outlines what each risk level means…and the appropriate response…let me know if you need any additional information…this map combines the risk levels of both WNv and EEE…

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