Medfield Energy Committee

Learned at the meeting of the Medfield Energy Committee (MEC) last night –

  • The schools have already cut about $180,000 out of their former  $1 m.  per year energy budget by implementing energy saving measures.  Charlie Kellner. Business Manager for the schools, pointed out the savings are equivalent to saving the jobs of four teachers.
  • MEC will look into the possibility of the town installing a ground mounted solar panel array to generate electricity, perhaps on a tract of land near the Holmquist property, that is in eastern Medfield
    north of 27 and according to Mr. DeSorgher some people call the land “The Sand Pit”.   Just to the north is a gravel area and train track, and to the east is a powerline right of way, it is accessed by a narrow paved lane, to the west of this lane is a large hayed field Conservation Land.
  • MEC is looking to make sure any new town garage is energy efficient.
  • MEC is looking to complete its Energy Reduction Plan for the town (about 20% already saved on town energy use to date), including future purchase of fuel efficient town vehicles.
  • Making Tilden Village more energy efficient – it has electric heat – even though Tilden Village is run and paid for by the state.
  • Medfield Memorial Library will probably be the town building for which an energy audit will be sought this year.  MEC already solved the lack of sufficient lighting at the library – the bulbs deteriorate over time and needed replacement.
  • MEC will investigate use of LED lights in town.  LED lights have reportedly made tremendous advances in the past few years.
  • MEC will explore using Sagewell mass-thermal-imaging service to pinpoint the Medfield homes in greatest need of energy upgrades.  Sagewell can take thermal photos of all homes in town within two nights of driving the streets, and then will alert people to their home’s problem areas.

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