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Green Street status

A Green Street resident asked me this morning about the projected timing of the work and we got this response from Mike –

Gentlemen:  I am wondering if you can give me an update on the schedule for the work on Green Street. Over the past several week, some work was done to prepare for sidewalks to be placed between Brook Street and Hinkley Pond – but in the past week, no work at all has taken place.

Any information you can provide would be welcome!

Ken is on vacation today and Monday, so I’ll tell you what I know about Green Street. I spoke to Ken yesterday and he too is concerned with getting Green Street done as quickly as possible. It is his number one highway priority. I do know they were having troubles getting some of the castings delivered, but they should be here by now. The water lines have already been replaced so most of the work would will be at the surface level. Once they get going, it should move quickly. I’m copying Ken and Bobby Kennedy on this so they can update you when they have a chance, as they know a lot more about this than I do. Have a good weekend. Mike Sullivan