MFi 2023 Summer Camp Fund Appeal

Medfield Foundation 2023 Summer Camp Fund Appeal

Adults and children throughout Medfield have happy memories of summer camp. From a traditional experience in the woods to skill building to specialized camps, many Medfielders cherish these summer camp experiences and the friends they made there…

How would you feel if you were left out of that rite of childhood summers?

Before the summer camp season begins, the Medfield Foundation (MFi) board wants the town to know that there is a higher and significant need for assistance by Medfield families whose children yearn to attend camp, but because of difficult financial situations at home they would be unable to attend. It can be particularly challenging to grow up in an affluent community, but not have the resources of friends’ families. 

The Medfield Foundation encourages you to make a tax deductible donation to help Medfield children attend summer camp! There are easy ways to make your donation or to find out more:

  1. Send your check to the Medfield Foundation, PO Box 745, Medfield MA 02052. Please make your check out to Medfield Foundation, Inc and then please write “CAMP” in the memo line! 
  2. Use this link to donate: 

Want more information before donating? We invite you to reach out: 

MFi President Kirsten Poler,


MFi Treasurer and Founding Member Abby Marble  


Over the past six years, the Medfield Foundation Board responded to this unmet need by creating the Children’s Camp Fund. Together with the generosity of our Medfield donors, well over $45,000 has been raised, which ensured summers full of Medfield’s Parks and Recreation Summer Adventure Camp weeks, along with other Medfield based camps. Scores of children from our town experienced the special magic of a variety of summer camp sessions and swimming at Hinkley Pond. As a result of that success the Medfield Foundation Board unanimously voted to make the Children’s Camp Fund an ongoing fund, and this year hope to raise even more due to financial constraints as a result of significant increases to electricity, heating, food, and other necessities. 

We hope you will thoughtfully consider donating to the MFi Camp Fund so children who would otherwise be unable to go to camp can experience that rite of childhood summers!

And if you are need of financial assistance for your children to attend a Medfield based summer camp, please do not hesitate to contact Medfield Outreach by calling 508-359-7121 x3421 or x3422 or via email at this address: 

Did you know… 

The Medfield Foundation (MFi) is a 100% volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation whose mission is to enrich the lives of Medfield residents, build a stronger community, and facilitate raising and allocation of private funds for public needs in the town of Medfield. Since its inception in 2001, the Medfield Foundation has raised over $2 million to support community-wide initiatives in Medfield. 

MFi was founded on the realization that some residents were interested in contributing more than town taxes to support projects and services that would enrich life in Medfield. Annual fundraising revenue varies each year as the initiatives and needs in the town change. You are urged to go to

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Submitted by Bonnie Wren-Burgess,

Medfield Foundation Inc. Board Member

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