Initial Cherry Sheet estimates have our state $ up about $147K

From Division of Local Services (DLS) –

FY2024 Preliminary Cherry Sheet Estimates 

On Wednesday April 12th the House Ways & Means Committee (HWM) released their version of the FY2024 budget proposal. The Division has posted updated preliminary cherry sheets on the DLS website.  

Click here for Preliminary Municipal Cherry Sheet Estimates or here for Preliminary Regional Cherry Sheet Estimates. Cherry sheet estimates for charter school tuition and reimbursements are based on estimated tuition rates and projected enrollments under charters previously issued by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Please be advised that charter school assessments and reimbursements will change as updated tuition rates and enrollments become available. Estimates for the school choice assessments may also change significantly when updated to reflect final tuition rates and enrollments. It is important for local officials to remember that these estimates are preliminary and are subject to change as the legislative process unfolds. If you have any questions about the preliminary estimates, please contact the Data Analytics and Resources Bureau at

Town of Medfield

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