Native Gardening – from Sustainable Medfield

From Sustainable Medfield, recipient of a Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund grant this year, –

June 8th was another great meeting of the Sustainable Medfield network with 24 people in attendance from 17 different groups!   So exciting to see our community come together to discuss their efforts – large and small – and to learn from each other for the benefit of our environment!
1) Attached you will find the notes of the meeting; thanks to Pam Gardner.  Our next meeting will be Wednesday September 7th at 3:30pm in the Medfield Library.
2) New feature:  ACTION OF THE QUARTER.  We will choose an Action of the Quarter to build community awareness of a single topic that a Sustainable Medfield networking partner wants to share and promote within the community.  Sustainable Medfield will support our partner group by following-up with outreach (articles/facebook posts/activities)  that the Medfield community can learn from on this topic.   This quarter the action is Native Gardening that was suggested by the Medfield Garden Club.    
The Sustainable Medfield Network has 26 partner organizations and we would like to leverage our connection with each of you to get the word out about this action and the resources available on
OUR ASK:  Can you please share this ACTION with your constituents in a newsletter, at a meeting, and/or on your website (and in any other ways you think of!).  We hope to have made this very easy for you to do by creating an image for you to use, see below and attached.  
Please reach out if you have any questions or ideas and/or if you have an ACTION you would like to share with our community.
PS – This Thursday Sustainable Medfield is a co-sponsor of the MEMO concert at the gazebo at 6pm.  Stop by and pick up a native plant, which is our give-away for the evening….and a perfect tie-in to our Action of the Quarter.
Enjoy your summer, please spread the word about Native Gardening & we look forward to seeing you in September!

Megan B. Sullivan
508-446-7774 (mobile/text)

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