Because of the pump repair on our well 6, the Town of Medfield is already in a tier 4 drought emergency, which means no outdoor watering is allowed.

This today from DEP. The drought for our region is catching up with us slowly –

In Level 2-Significant Drought Areas
In Level 1-Mild Drought Areas
Residents & Businesses:
Residents & Businesses:
• Focus water conservation indoors; fix Leaks
• Reduce any outdoor watering to one-day/week
• Minimize water use
• Limit outdoor watering to hand-held 5:00 pm-9:00 am
• Conserve water indoors
• Fix Leaks
Cities & Towns:
Cities & Towns:
• Limit outdoor watering to at least hand-held only b/w 5:00 pm-9:00 am
• Limit new landscapes and outdoor washing
• Implement drought or seasonal water rates
• Establish water use reduction targets
• Establish a leak detection program
• Limit any outdoor watering to no more than once a week and b/w 5:00 pm-9:00 am
• Limit new landscapes and outdoor washing
• Implement drought or seasonal water rates
• Check emergency connections
• Develop local drought plan
The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has declared a Level 2—Significant Drought in the Northeast and Southeast Regions, and a Level 1 – Mild Drought in the Connecticut River Valley, Central, and Islands Regions.
Due to over three months of below normal rainfall, the Commonwealth has once again started to experience drought conditions. The last drought was from January-August 2021. As drought conditions continue to worsen and we are in the growing season, it is important for residents and businesses to be mindful of their water use and conserve water both outdoors and indoors, fix leaks, and for communities to prepare for long-term resiliency to droughts.
Be mindful of your water use to ensure essential needs, such as drinking water and fire protection, are being met, and habitats have enough water to support their natural functions.
Learn more at www.mass.gov/ma-drought-management
Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs: Bethany A. Card
Acting Director of MEMA: Dawn Brantley
LEVEL 1 Mild Drought
LEVEL 2 Significant Drought
LEVEL 3 Critical Drought
LEVEL 4 Emergency Drought
June, 2022

2 responses to “Drought

  1. Sharon Loewe

    The use of water needs to be better monitored. Many residents still water their lawn every morning despite the ban and fines needs to be imposed. Just a ride up any Medfield street at 7 AM will reveal who is still watering by the wet sidewalks and green lawns. In addition, the orange signs are not readible on most streets where posted. These should be red signs with larger lettering.


  2. Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

    Thanks for your input. I have noticed the same thing on both points. Your comment spurs me to share both of our comments with Maurice Goulet, DPW Director.